COVID-19 : Winter support scheme

The COVID-19 Winter support scheme is designed to help households deal with the financial challenges of winter and seeks to help thousands of households with children eligible for free school meals as well as other vulnerable families and individuals.  The Royal Borough will support vulnerable families to make their financial resources go further by providing additional, targeted support for food from Tuesday 1 December 2020 to Wednesday 31 March 2021.

To support families during the school holidays, those who receive free school meals due to low income, rather than the universal infant free school meals provision, will receive a code which can be converted into a £30 voucher per child for a food retailer of their choice.  Families will be automatically enrolled into the scheme by their school during the first two weeks of December, and the local authority will do the same for pre-school age children who qualify for low income support for childcare.  Please check with your child’s school or nursery setting if you are not currently receiving free school meal support and think you might be eligible.

Further vouchers will be made available in the 2021 February half term (£15 per child) and for the Easter holiday at the end of March 2021 (£20 per child) through the same mechanism.

In addition, the council is providing additional resources to a number of local voluntary and community groups to support their efforts to get more support to other vulnerable families.  Please see list below.

If you are struggling to provide food for your family you need to make sure that you are claiming all of the benefits you are entitled to, so please check out this list of benefit support you might be able to access.  

If you are still unsure about where to turn, you can contact the COVID-19 community helpline by calling 01628 683820 or 0203 5148117.

List of organisations

Driven Forward    

Driven Forward will continue to provide regular food parcels over the Christmas, Easter and school holidays. We will also buy in a larger variety of food provisions for their Community Fridge that can then be used to provide the basic ingredients for simple style meals for vulnerable families and adults to cook at home. Some families who are in permanent accommodation and using the Community Fridge may also be allocated money to assist them with their heating and fuel bills during the winter months.  For more information, please email or visit the website at

Maidenhead Mosque

The emergency food parcel operation has been in operation since March 2020.  Making and delivering around 100 food parcels a week to people in the community, as well as providing a befriending service and picking up prescriptions.  We aim to purchase more supplies to deliver to more vulnerable people and families in the wider community as demand keeps increasing during the winter.  For more information, please email or visit the website at

Baby Bank

The Baby Bank aims to support families across the Royal Borough. We provide essential items to families ranging from nappies to a bed, along with anything in between that a baby, child or teenager will need growing up. We want to ensure that no child goes without basics no matter what their circumstances.  For more information, please email or visit the website at

Maidenhead Bridge Rotary

We are able to offer support to families who are in receipt of free school meals, with food parcels, grants towards fuel payments e.g. gas, electricity specifically for heating, and winter clothing provisions such as children’s coats.  To find out more please contact Lisa by email, call 07876 341334, or visit the website at

Maidenhead Foodshare

Foodshare helps people in and around Maidenhead who are unable, no matter what the reason, to feed themselves and their families properly. We can provide three to four days of food each week, including fresh food, available from various collection points or delivered to those who are housebound.  for more information, please visit the website at or call 01628 262711.

Windsor Foodshare

Windsor Foodshare provides a weekly supply of food to those in the community least able to afford it.  We support approximately 60 families, totalling around 100 people. As well as offering non-perishable foods, we are also in a position to re-distribute fresh food that would previously go to waste, as well as supplementing ourselves with fruit and vegetables direct from market. 

To find out more,  visit our website or email Simon on


We are working with residents and partners in Windsor to improve health and wellbeing and provide better access to resources. If you are need of Utilities or food please get in touch with your Community Development Officer, Danielle by email at who can connect people to the support they need.  You can also find out more information at

West Windsor Hub

The West Windsor Hub is a community hub partnering with All Saints Church, Windsor, and working with other charities and community groups.  Our volunteers are providing support to the community, e.g. befriending clients; running a shopping service for those in need; collecting and delivering prescriptions. The hub also helps distribute food parcels for people coming to us in need, and is providing extra help over the Christmas period, including “Christmas in a box” hampers, including turkey, treats, stockings, selection boxes and Christmas crackers.  To find out more, please call the hub on 01753 342110 or email