Duty to cooperate

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The Duty to Co-operate (DtC) is a statutory requirement on local planning authorities to co-operate constructively, actively and on an ongoing basis with neighbouring authorities, county councils and other prescribed bodies in planning for strategic cross boundary matters.  The Government expects local authorities to particularly focus on cross boundary matters relating to:

  • homes and jobs needed in the area; 
  • the provision of retail, leisure and other commercial development,
  • infrastructure provision,
  • health, security, community and cultural services and facilities,
  • climate change mitigation and adaptation and conservation and enhancement of the natural and historic environment. 

We have sought to adopt a proactive, ongoing and focused approach to strategic planning and partnership working.  Key documents demonstrating its approach to the Duty are set out below:

Joint working with Slough, South Bucks, Chiltern

Joint working with Slough

Joint working with Runnymede and Surrey Heath,

Other joint working