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What is happening to my collections? 

Waste will be collected fortnightly. 

Recycling and food waste will be collected weekly. 

Garden waste will be collected fortnightly from residents who have subscribed to the service. 

When is this change happening?

The new collections start from the week commencing Monday 18 October.  You will receive information in the post by Friday 8 October to let you know about the changes and the day your collections will take place.

Week commencing Monday 11 October is the last week everyone’s black waste bin is emptied. Your rubbish will be collected on your usual day this week.

Will my collection day change? 

There will be collection day changes for most residents. You will receive information in the post to let you know what your collection day will be and which week your rubbish will be collected. This will include a calendar showing when your collections will take place.

The collection day change applies to all collections, your recycling, food waste and garden waste will all be collected on the same day of the week as your rubbish.

Changes to collection days start from Monday 18 October. Even if your rubbish is not due to be collected until the week beginning Monday 25 October, your new collection day will be in place from Monday 18 October for recycling and food waste collections. 

Your information leaflet should arrive by Friday 8 October. You will also be able to check your collection date online.

Were residents consulted about these changes?

Moving to fortnightly waste collections was one of the proposals put to residents as part of the consultation on the annual budget, which was carried out earlier this year. There was a lot of support for improving recycling rates. Very few people wanted to keep weekly rubbish collections. 

Will I get a refund on my council tax?

There are still weekly collections of recycling and food waste, this change will mean putting your black bin out less frequently.

Kerbside collections are one small part in the disposal process for household waste, which in turn is just one of the many services your council tax contributes to.

It’s also important to remember that this change in waste collection is to increase emphasis on the need to reduce, reuse and recycle our waste as much as possible, to reduce our carbon impact as a community and to help achieve our commitments laid out in the Climate and Environment Strategy. 

My collection day is changing, so I will have a long time between my last rubbish collection in the week beginning Monday 11 October and my first collection on my new collection day - will you collect excess rubbish? 

If you are moving from a Monday collection to a Thursday or Friday week 2 collection, so will have 17 or 18 days between your collections, then we will collect one sealed black bag of extra rubbish on your first collection day on the Thursday 28 or Friday 29 October. This only applies to the small number of properties with 17 or 18 days between their rubbish collections, and only for the first collection. Only one sealed bag will be collected per property. 

I have longer than a week between my recycling collections in the week beginning Monday 11 October and the week beginning Monday 18 October due to a change of collection day, will you collect extra recycling? 

We can collect one extra flattened cardboard box next to the bin on collection day, we will not be able to take any more additional recycling. Please make sure to wash, squash and flatten recycling to make as much room in your bin as possible. 

My garden waste collection day or week has changed so I will be going longer than two weeks between my collection in the week beginning Monday 4 or Monday 11 October and my first collection after the changes on Monday 18 October, can I place out excess garden waste? 

We’re sorry but we won’t be able to collect excess garden waste as this may result in contamination in the garden waste collected if it is placed out in bags and will mean it cannot be composted. Please cut up clippings etc before placing in your bin to make as much room as possible. 

My garden waste week has changed from a week 1 to a week 2 collection, will I receive a refund or an extra collection?  

We’re sorry that we’ve had to make changes to the collection schedule to make the collections as efficient as possible. You will still receive a garden waste collection within the garden waste fortnightly schedule so there is no refund or additional collection due. 

Will reducing the frequency of waste collection attract pests?

Around 80% of councils already collect rubbish every two weeks (or even less frequently). There is no evidence from other areas that reducing the frequency of rubbish collections causes an increase in pests. 

You should be careful to put your food waste in the caddy for weekly collection rather than your rubbish collection, and rinse recycling before putting it out to reduce any smells and the possibility of waste attracting pests.

Place nappies and sanitary items in a sealed bag inside your rubbish bag to prevent odours or pests.

Will there be changes to my garden waste collections? 

Garden waste collections will still take place on the same day as your other bins are collected, so if your collection day changes, it will change for all services. Some garden waste collections will also have a change of week. 

You will receive information in the post about your garden waste collections if you subscribe to the service to let you know what week your garden waste collection will take place on. 

Will there still be collections on a Saturday? 

No, if your collection is currently on a Saturday it will move to a new collection day. Look out for information in the post to let you know what your new collection day is. 

What measures are in place to ensure services don’t suffer?

As with any major service change, we expect there to be a period of adjustment while our collection crews and residents get used to the new service and routes. 

We will be closely monitoring how the new system is working to ensure that collections are taking place as they should and that any collection problems are resolved quickly. 

Will you still collect electrical items and textiles? 

Yes, electrical items and textiles will still be collected. Small electrical items can be placed out in a carrier bag next to your recycling bin and it will be collected with your recycling (blue bin). 

Textiles can be placed out, one bag per collection, next to your rubbish bins and it will be collected with your rubbish (black bin). There is a cage on the bottom of all vehicles where either the electrical items or textiles are placed when they are collected.

The food waste was put into the same vehicle as the recycling, is this right? 

All of our vehicles collecting recycling are twin packs, with a split compartment on the back. The food waste is put into a separate compartment on the back of the vehicle to the rubbish and recycling and is sent to a different reprocessor for recycling via anaerobic digestion. 

The vehicles often have a spare bin on the back which the crews can use to tip each individual food waste caddy into before emptying the contents of that bin into the food waste compartment on the vehicle.

I have had a missed collection, will you come back? 

Please check that it is the right day and week for your bin to be collected. If it is the right week for your collection and we haven’t taken your bin on your collection day, then please report a missed collection the following day and we will come back for it within two working days. 

A missed collection must be reported within two working days of your scheduled collection day.

We will be keeping a record of which bins were out for collection and if we have already emptied your bin. If your bin was not out for collection when the crew visited your property or if your bin contained the incorrect items, we will not come back to collect until your next collection is due.

Please do not report a missed bin if it is not your week for it to be collected.

Please also ensure you place your bins out by 7am, as the crews may come earlier in the day under the new service.

Waste and recycling team : Contact details

For further information, please contact us by:

Waste Management Unit - Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead
Town Hall, St Ives Road
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Telephone: 01628 683800