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The Citizens' Portal is a new public dashboard, which provides information about the council’s performance.

The portal enables the public to view the council's performance and progress against our goals for 2021-26 - as published in our Corporate Plan. It has been developed to improve transparency and accountability. 

The Corporate Plan 2021-2026 sets out our priorities and specific goals for achieving change in the borough by 2026. We track our performance and progress against each of the 50 goals in the Plan, as part of our performance management framework. 

The Citizens' Portal provides easy access to a wide range of information. It is structured around the three objectives and 50 goals in the Corporate Plan. A selection of metrics and / or milestones have been included under each goal, to enable the public to view our progress.

The portal is focused on the outcomes we want to achieve in the borough and presents data showing progress and performance on the delivery of key programmes – from electric vehicle charging points, to rates of childhood obesity. 

The portal will be updated and expanded as more information becomes available.

If you have questions or feedback about the Citizens' Portal, please email: 

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Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Panel

Performance is scrutinised by the Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Panel (moderngov) in public meetings.

Quarterly performance reports will continue to be published, and an Annual Report on the council’s performance will also be published each summer.

Questions and answers

We have created a page with a number of questions and answers. 

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We have spent time making sure that the Citizens' Portal is easy to navigate and meets required accessibility standards. Please see the accessibility statement for more information.

Equality Impact Assessment

Please see our Equality Impact Assessment in relation to the Citizens’ Portal.