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My questions refer to cemeteries and graveyards owned/run/managed by the council. By 'burials' I refer to body burials rather than the burial of cremated remains:

1. How many grave plots were used for new burials (or bought/reserved for future burials) in council-run cemeteries in 2020, and how many were used in each of the years 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016?

2. How many grave plots/burial spaces remain empty/available for burials/reservation across your council-run cemeteries?

3. Does your council have an estimate of when space across council-run/owned cemeteries will run out completely?

4. How many cemeteries and graveyards are run/owned by the council?

5. How many of these are at full capacity/closed to new burials and in what calendar year did they close to new burials?

6. Does your council have any land currently earmarked for new/overspill burial space, and what is the current use of that land?