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1.    Why does RBWM not measure the levels of more atmospheric pollutants?  We do not know the real quality of the air which we breathe in the Borough.  In its 2019 air quality report, RBWM reported 44 separate Annual Mean measurements.  43 were for NO2, one was for PM10 particulates.  There are National Air Quality objectives for other pollutants which I believe are not measured by RBWM.
2.    Can RBWM please provide its quantitative statistical analysis to substantiate its assertion that Air Quality in the Royal Borough is improving.
3.    Can RBWM please provide its quantitative analysis which substantiates its ambition to revoke the AQMA in Windsor centred at the junctions of Imperial Road, St. Leonards Road, Clewer Hill Road and Winkfield Road.  
4.    Will RBWM make available its correspondance with DEFRA regarding revocation of the aforementioned AQMA?
5.    Why were 14 Annual Mean readings for NO2 corrected out of the 43 readings reported?  The approach appears to be inconsistent and conveniently includes all six of the Annual Mean exceedances.
6.    Can RBWM please provide a detailed and scientific justification for the ‘Distance Correction’ method applied selectively to the NO2 Annual Mean measurements.
7.    What is the likelihood of RBWM erecting ‘No Idling’ signs to help improve air quality, in line with several other Councils?