Corporate Plan 2021-2026


On Tuesday 23 November 2021 full council agreed its new corporate plan for the next five years, 2021-2026.

The corporate plan sets out the council’s priorities and sets out specific goals for achieving change in the borough by 2026.

It forms the overarching strategy for the council for the next five years and replaces the Interim Council Strategy 2020-2021, which was developed as a temporary plan in response to the pandemic.

There are significant opportunities for the borough to go from strength to strength, but there are also challenges that we need to tackle. Our corporate plan provides the overall strategic direction required to maximise the benefits of those opportunities and mitigate the impact of the challenges. It is an important tool to help focus our effort and resources on the right things, something even more important than ever in the context of constrained budgets and rapid change.

This plan focuses on the work of the council, but recognises that we will succeed in achieving these goals only through working together with our residents, communities, parishes, voluntary and community sector, statutory partners, delivery partners and businesses. 

The Corporate Plan

The corporate plan sets out an overarching vision of ‘Creating a sustainable borough of innovation and opportunity’ and is framed around three key objectives:

  • Thriving Communities: Where families and individuals are empowered to achieve their ambitions and fulfil their potential.
  • Inspiring Places: Supporting the borough’s future prosperity and sustainability.
  • A Council trusted to deliver its promises.

The plan sets out the following priorities, which respond to evidence on the key challenges within the borough and the priorities of our residents: 

  • Taking action to tackle climate change and its consequences, and improving our natural environment: the council has declared a Climate Emergency, and this priority sets out the actions we will drive forward as a council – and collectively – to reduce emissions, protect our natural environment and to adapt to climate impacts.
  • Quality infrastructure that connects neighbourhoods and businesses and allows them to prosper: this recognises the need to invest in new infrastructure to support the borough’s future prosperity and sustainability, including digital, low carbon, transport and community infrastructure. 
  • A ladder of housing opportunity, to support better life chances for all: this recognises the challenges faced by many residents due to the lack of affordable housing in the borough. Helping more residents into affordable, sustainable homes, is a key part of our strategy to reduce inequality. 

The Corporate Plan was approved by Full Council on Tuesday 23 November 2021.