Interim polling district and polling places review

The 2022 interim review is to consider the suitability of Polling Places in meeting the needs of electors where a temporary Polling Place was used for the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections in May 2021 due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and to consider whether the temporary Polling Place should be designated as a permanent Polling Place for all future elections

Notice of Interim Review of Polling Places

Notice is hereby given that, in accordance with the Polling Districts and Polling Places (Parliamentary Elections) Regulations 2006, the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (RBWM) is conducting an interim review of Polling Places within Polling Districts in the following wards: 

  • Bray
  • Furze Platt
  • Pinkneys Green
  • Riverside
  • Ascot and Sunninghill
  • Clewer and Dedworth West
  • Clewer East

The interim review is to consider the suitability of Polling Places in meeting the needs of electors where a temporary Polling Place was used for the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections in May 2021 due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and consideration as to whether the temporary Polling Place should be designated as a permanent Polling Place for all future elections. The comments of the RBWM (Acting) Returning Officer on proposals to designate new Polling Places are contained in the appendix. 

The Council welcomes comments from interested parties including any resident, the MPs for the Maidenhead and Windsor constituencies, any RBWM Councillor (in particular those representing electors within the above wards), election agents, local political parties, and past or potential candidates. We also welcome views from individuals and organisations who may have particular expertise in relation to access to premises or facilities for persons who have different forms of disability.

The consultation period will commence on Monday 22 August 2022 and all representations must be received by Monday 3 October 2022. Representations should be made in writing by emailing: or by post to: Electoral Services, Town Hall, St Ives Road, Maidenhead, SL6 1RF. 

All representations will be published on the Council’s website as soon as possible, after receipt; even if an individual or organisation has already commented on the proposals, they may make further submissions in response to views and comments on the website. Anyone making representations is requested to suggest alternative Polling Places to those proposed where appropriate, and to give reasons for the alternative. 

Following consideration of all representations received during the consultation period, final proposals will be considered at the Full Council Meeting on Tuesday 22 November 2022

Emma Duncan 
(Acting) Returning Officer
Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead
Town Hall
St Ives Road

22 August 2022

Appendix noting the Acting Returning Officers comments

Comments received on the proposals will be published below as they are received

Consultation responses received up to Wednesday 31 August 2022

Ref Date received Ward(s) Polling District Polling District Code Comments
1 23.8.2022 Pinkneys Green Pinkneys Green North MPG2 The proposal for Pinkneys Green makes eminent sense, and I wholeheartedly endorse the recommendation.
2 25.8.2022 Pinkneys Green Pinkneys Green North MPG2 I have no problem with a switch to Blenheim Free Church. I think it was there for many years.
3 26.8.2022 Bray Holyport MBR2

I wish to submit my comments on the Interim Review of Polling Places.

For the Holyport Polling District MBR2 in the Bray Ward, I believe that the Interim Polling station for the PCC elections May 2021 at Holyport Memorial Hall, Moneyrow Green, Holyport should be the preferred option rather than reverting back to Holyport Primary School.

The Holyport Memorial Hall provides better and safer parking.  With the Holyport Primary School, there is always a lot of traffic to navigate both as a pedestrian and car driver from the school, local shops (especially the corner shop) and doctors’ surgery.  And at dropping off and picking up times, it is impossible to park your car close to the school and can involve quite a bit of walking if you have disability issues.  

The Acting Returning Officer says the Memorial Hall would require most voters to drive.  I would comment that with the Holyport Primary School a lot of people do not walk there anyway but usually vote on their drive to or return from work, parking up on the roads outside the school before returning home or continuing onto work so a short diversion to the Memorial Hall, which all residents are familiar with, would not be an issue.

I hope you will take my comments into consideration.

4 26.8.2022 Riverside Riverside North MRS2

The proposed change to move the voting location to Boulters Lock Car Park.

This is a paying car park so will all voters have to pay?
If so this is not acceptable.
Also a mobile unit - what happens if bad weather?
No place for voters to queue.
Not acceptable

5 8.9.2022 Clewer East

Clewer New Town, Spital and Clewer Village

WCE1, WCE2 and WCE3

I am happy to support the changes to polling stations proposed in Clewer East. I agree with the return to Clewer First School as it is within the polling district. The Scout hut in Green Lane is a better choice than Kipling Court, for safety and access reasons and is very nearby.  The Grenadier Club is a suitable alternative to Clewer Parish Hall and is accessible.

6 16.9.2022 Bray Holyport MBR2

I’m getting in touch as Chair of Governors of Holyport Primary School to respond to the polling places review that is currently taking place.

Holyport Primary has been used in the past as a polling station, so governors and senior leaders in the school discussed the potential future use of the school at our full governing body (FGB) meeting last night.

We appreciate the importance of access to polling stations, but our view is that Holyport Primary is not a suitable location for a polling station for the following reasons.

*    It is disruptive to the school, putting additional pressure on staff where a tight budget means no capacity for additional workload around logistics and ensuring the rest of the school remains secure, plus the negative impact on pupil’s learning.
*    There are additional risks around safeguarding with members of the public on school grounds.
*    In addition, as noted in the Returning Officer comments, there is no public parking at school, and parking on local roads is difficult especially during school drop-off and pick-up times.

It was raised at FGB that both the Holyport War Memorial hall and the Holyport scout hut have a great deal of space, good access for those with mobility difficulties, plenty of parking and are less than half a mile from the school so could be considered as alternative locations.

7 23.9.2022 Bray Holyport MBR2

I am writing with regards Bray ward / Holyport polling station and would like to support the previous submissions supporting the use of the Memorial Hall over Holyport Primary school.  

Using the school is very disruptive to a large number of staff, pupils and families, as well as clogging the local roads with parked cars.  The Memorial Hall is far more suitable, has good parking, and is well known and easy to access.  I don’t believe the numbers of people walking would be impacted by the short move – and many drive in any case.  

For the good of the education of the local children and their teachers and carers, I think the move is more than justifiable.  (I write this as both a former governor and former parent of Holyport Primary).  

8 24.9.2022 Riverside Riverside North MRS2 The proposed location will be ok if parking charges are suspended on polling day as local roads all have parking restrictions and otherwise people may be forced to pay to vote which is unacceptable and will impact the less well off and those unable to walk far or well.
9 27.9.22 Clewer East Spital WCE2 The scout hut on Green Lane is a perfect building for a polling station as it is empty during the day, has a carpark, and is accessible for wheelchair users.

Summary of changes implemented for May 2019

The council conducted an interim polling district and polling places review of the new polling district and polling places scheme which came into force for the Local elections in May 2019.

The polling district and polling places review working group met between September and November 2019 to consider changes to the scheme, based on the experiences of the May 2019 elections.  Three minor amendments were proposed to the current scheme, affecting five polling districts. The changes affected the wards of Furze Platt, Clewer and Dedworth West and Oldfield. 

Clewer and Dedworth West

To relocate the polling place for Dedworth Green polling district (WCDW3) from Tinkers Lane Depot to Windsor Gospel Hall, Ruddlesway.

Furze Platt

To realign the polling district boundary between Furze Platt Central (MFP2) and Furze Platt East (MFP3) polling districts.


To relocate the polling place for Fisheries (MOF3) and Oldfield North (MOF4) from Forest Bridge School, Chiltern Road to Desborough Bowling Club, Green Lane.

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