Free testing for COVID-19

Getting tested for COVID-19 if you do not have symptoms

The government is encouraging everyone to take part in twice-weekly rapid lateral flow tests (LFTs). This regular testing will help identify asymptomatic cases and stop the spread of the virus.

Whether positive or negative, you must register your result online or by calling 119. This allows public health to track the virus.

Your testing options

Option 1: Workplace testing programmes

You may have the option of taking part in workplace testing on-site or at home – ask your employer in the first instance if this is available.

Option 2: Secondary school and college testing

If you are at secondary school or college, you will have the option of taking part in testing at your school or college, or through LFT kits provided for you to test at home.

The tests provided should only be used for testing the people they were supplied for. 

Option 3: Rapid testing at one of our Community Testing sites

Anyone over the age of 16 can book or drop-in at our Royal Borough testing sites:

Normal opening hours:

Monday to Friday:

Mondays : 8am - 12pm  and  4pm - 7pm.
Tuesdays : 8am - midday.
Wednesdays : Closed
Thursdays : 8am - 12pm and 4pm - 7pm.
Fridays : 8am - 12pm.

Braywick Leisure Centre, Maidenhead SL6 1BN
Windsor Leisure Centre, Windsor SL4 5JB

Saturday and Sunday:

Saturdays : 10am - 1pm.
Braywick Leisure Centre, Maidenhead SL6 1BN

Sundays : 10am - 1pm.
Windsor Leisure Centre, Windsor SL4 5JB

Free parking is available for 30 minutes. Wear a face covering.

The LFT involves you taking a swab of the back of your throat and inside your nose.

The swab is given to trained staff at the test centre who process the test on-site. You receive your results within an hour by text or email. 

Book a test slot

Cross border community testing

It may be that your nearest or most convenient testing centre is Bracknell, not the Royal Borough.  If this is the case, to book an appointment, please visit the rapid testing section on Bracknell Forest Council's website.

Option 4: Community Collect for home testing 

Test first, Collect second - We suggest in the first instance, you book in for a test under Community Testing (see above) at either Windsor or Braywick leisure centres. This means experienced testing staff can help you perform the test so you’re confident to perform it at home. After that, you won’t need to make an appointment to collect your home tests. 

Community Collect is at Windsor and Braywick leisure centres (see opening times above).

If you can only collect your free tests when Community Testing at Windsor and Braywick is closed, you can pick up tests at the receptions:

Windsor and Braywick leisure centres

  • Weekdays 6am – 10pm.
  • Weekends 8am – 6pm.
  • Bank Holidays 8am – 5pm.

Charters, Cox Green, and Furze Platt leisure centres

  • Weekdays 4.30pm – 10pm.
  • Weekends 9am – 6pm.  

Royal Windsor Information Centre
The Old Booking Hall, Windsor Royal Station, Windsor SL4 1PJ

  • Thursday to Sunday 10am - 4pm

You can also visit our drive-through collect service at The Green, Wraysbury TW19 5NA, Wednesdays 9am until 1pm from Wednesday 23 June.

Option 5: Pharmacy collect

You can collect home test kits from local pharmacies. You can check online to find out which pharmacies are participating and when they are open.

Option 6: Test kits delivered to your home

You can order test kits online to be sent to your home if you are unable to visit a test centre, access workplace testing or collect them.

If you test positive

If you test positive in a lateral flow test (LFT) you and the people you live with should self-isolate immediately. Then you must take a follow-up polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test immediately. 

If the PCR test is done within 48 hours, and your result comes back negative, NHS Test and Trace will contact you and your household and release you from self-isolation.

If your follow-up confirmatory PCR test is taken too late (whatever the result), you and your household must continue to self-isolate for the full ten days. 

The fastest way to book a PCR test is via the government’s COVID-19 website or call 119. You can leave your home while self-isolating to attend a government PCR test site. PCR tests are also free. 

If you test negative

Testing negative is not a ‘get out of jail free’ card - you must continue to follow the England restrictions in place.

If you test negative but become symptomatic for coronavirus (new continuous cough, high temperature, loss or change to your sense of taste or smell) then you must take a PCR test.