Council tax reduction scheme consultation

This consultation was originally run in 2019 to take effect from 2020/21. However, due to a legal challenge it is a requirement that we re-run the consultation.

Council tax reduction is a discount on the amount of council tax charged, it reduces how much residents on a low income have to pay. How much someone is entitled to is calculated by comparing the income and capital of the household with the amount of money they “need” to live on. 

Some parts of the council tax reduction scheme are set by Central Government, including all the rules regarding council tax reduction for pensioners, who may still receive a discount of up to 100%, dependent upon their household income and capital.

Local councils are required to review their scheme for working age applicants each year to decide whether they want to make any changes to it. Before any changes can be implemented, they must be subject to consultation. The proposal is to limit the maximum level of support to working age residents to 80%  and to treat couples of mixed age as though both partners were of working age. 

Closing date Friday 8 January 2021.

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