Lower My Drinking App

Could drinking less make you feel a lot better?

We all have challenges in our lives and with the added stress of COVID-19 these past 18 months, life has certainly been tougher. Our daily routines and habits might have changed.

Drinking too much alcohol can damage our physical and mental health. If you have been drinking too much lately, take that positive step, get healthier, and feel better. Download the free 'Lower My Drinking app' from one of the links below.  

The app offers tailored support to help you track, self-assess, and improve your drinking habits. It enables you to set and accomplish drinking reduction goals.

The app is designed to help you understand what role alcohol plays in your life, and what might influence you to drink more than is healthy. It also gives you positive activities to help replace drinking in your daily routine and is accessible 24/7.

The Lower My Drinking app is free if you live and/or work in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. To download it, visit:

If you would like further help, you can refer yourself to Resilience, the local alcohol and drug support service, through the app or at https://www.cranstoun.org/