Data and strategies

Decorative image onlyPublic Health's work does is informed by various plans and strategies. For more information on the specific strategies, please use the links below. 

Royal Borough Corporate Plan 2021-2026

Our Corporate Plan 2021-2026 sets out the council’s priorities and sets out specific goals for achieving change in the borough by 2026.

Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2021-2025

Our Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2021-2025 outlines our vision and the core principles and key priorities needed to achieve this.

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

A Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) looks at the current and future health and care needs of local populations. This informs and guides the planning and commissioning (buying) of health, wellbeing, and social care services. Berkshire East’s JSNA is currently being updated. The link will be made available shortly. 

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2018-2021

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment(PNA) shows the pharmaceutical services needed to meet the borough’s needs. The Royal Borough’s PNA for 2022 to 2025 is currently being carried out.