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Quick guide to finding adopted and un-adopted roads

Go to Neighbourhood Map.

On the Neighbourhood Map page, click on the arrow next to 'Find an Address' to open the search box, and enter part of the address or a post code:

A list of possible results is displayed below the map, click on the relevant property. Unless you wish to save this address as your default location click 'cancel' on the next dialogue box (see below for information about cookies)

On the middle right of the page, click on 'Show Map layers', then click on the + next to Transport and Streets and click in the boxes next to Adopted Highways and Un-Adopted Highways.

Your reference property will be shown by a green arrow on the map. If streets remain uncoloured click on "Zoom Out" and then click on your reference property to zoom out. Streets will be shown in pink for adopted roads and blue for private roads. Hold the curser over the area for more details. Repeat "Zoom Out" if streets are still not coloured.

You can also use the Transport and Streets Layers to show the following:

  • Location of Streetlights - click on the street light number to report a problem
  • Borough Controlled Car Parks
  • Salting Routes

Cookie Dialogue Box

You will be asked if you wish to make the chosen address your default location. This will mean that when you subsequently perform steps like 'Find my nearest…' this location will be taken as the centre point for the searches. Click OK to set the address as your default location or click Cancel. When you click OK this stores a cookie of your address, which is purely used for accessing the map information - nothing else.

Cookies are small pieces of code received by your web browser. They pass information back to websites so the sites can 'remember' your passwords, preferences and viewing habits. They are very small, cannot spread viruses and don't use up much disk space. You're not damaging your PC or software by using a cookie - you're only enhancing your interaction with websites. If you are worried about this, you can use your browser to restrict or even cancel the use of cookies.

Development team (GIS) : Contact details

For further information, please contact us by:

Development Team (GIS) - Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead
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