Get help with your debts

Decorative image onlyPlease see below schemes, initiatives, and advice from us, central government, and our local Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) partners to get help with your debts.

How to manage your money

The Money Advice Trust

The Money Advice Trust offer a free, independent, and confidential National Debt line service to provide personal debt advice, over the phone, and online via webchat.

StepChange and Christians against poverty

StepChange offers a wide range of debt solutions to help, no matter what you are dealing with. Christians Against Poverty also offers free debt advice and support.

Citizens Advice

Citizen’s Advice offers good resources on it’s Debt and Money webpage, which offers advice on debt solutions, rent arrears, and borrowing money, among others. Please see Citizen’s Advice East Berkshire’s website for more geographically specific information.

Money Saving Expert

Money Saving Expert have created The Budget Planner to help ease your budget setting process.

Money Helper

Money Helper is another good resource for free and impartial help with money.

Other money saving tips

  • Turning your appliances off standby mode can save you money and remember not to leave laptops and mobile phones on charge unnecessarily. 
  • Review and cancel unused and / or non-essential subscriptions.
  • Keep the same phone and switch to sim-only when your contract is up.
  • You don’t need to pay a TV licence if you don’t watch live TV or BBC iPlayer. Please visit TV Licencing’s website for further information
  • If you need two or more prescriptions a month you can apply for a prepayment certificate to save at least £10 a month.

Assistance in managing financial affairs

If you become mentally incapacitated in some way, you will need assistance in managing your property and financial affairs. Sufficient support is often provided by family, friends or care workers, but when nobody is willing, able or suitable to take on the role, our Deputy and Appointeeship team may take on the work either by way of Court of Protection Deputyship or Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Appointeeship. Please note that referrals can only be made through Social Service care managers.