Get help paying your council tax

There are a number of different schemes available to provide support with paying your council tax. 

Council Tax Reduction Scheme (CTR)

Decorative image onlyThis is a means tested form of support which you must apply for. 

  • If you are of pensionable age, you may have your council tax bill reduced by up to 100%.
  • If you are of working age, you may have your council tax reduced by up to 80%, dependant on income and capital. There is a capital cut off limit of £16,000, but whether you receive assistance, if your capital is below that level, will depend on your individual household circumstances and income.  

This is a national scheme for pensioners, however, for individuals of working age the scheme is determined by us. 
Please visit our Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support webpage, which includes a trial calculation, to apply.

Council Tax discounts and exemptions

There are a range of non-means tested discounts and exemptions available. For instance, there are discounts available for single people, students, empty properties, and many others.
Each has unique qualifying criteria set by national legislation, please visit our Council Tax Reductions webpage, to see these full details.

Council Tax Discretionary Reduction

We have a discretionary power to reduce the council tax charged.
Reductions must be considered, on an individual basis, in line with our local policy (pdf)

To apply for a discretionary reduction, please email a written request to outlining the reasons for your request, with supporting evidence of severe financial hardship.