Disability access fund (DAF)

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The Disability Access Fund (DAF) is a measure which aids access to early years places for disabled children by, for example:

  • supporting providers in making reasonable adjustments to their settings and, or,
  • helping with building capacity (be that for the child in question or for the benefit of children as a whole attending the provider).

Children who are in receipt of the 3 and 4 year old free entitlement will be eligible for DAF if they meet the following criteria:

  • the child is in receipt of child disability living allowance and 
  • the child receives free early years education.

Please note: that four year olds in primary school reception classes are not eligible for the DAF funding.

The childcare providers with 3 and 4 year olds eligible for the DAF will be entitled to receive a one-off payment of £615 per child per year. The DAF is not based on an hourly rate; it is an additional entitlement. Children do not have to take up the full 570 hours per annum of early years education, in order to receive the DAF.

Children in receipt of the DAF will be eligible where they take up any period of free entitlement. If the child changes childcare provider within the financial year, the new provider will not receive any other payment of the DAF. The new provider will have to wait until the following financial year. Parents should give their childcare provider a copy of their DLA award letter.