Hackney carriages accessible taxi list

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Wheelchair Accessible Hackney Carriage

Contact details Vehicle details Plate

Number of


Mohammed Khalid 07979 913947 SD58 BFE Fiat Doblo Silver HV813 4
Mohammed Ghafur 07540309031 R650 EGN Taxi London Int White HV818 6
Sabir Hussain 07858070288 BJ60 VPT Mercedes Vito Black HV831 7
Mohammed Ali 07828780220 R912 PGO London Taxi Tx1 Black HV836 6
Gul Faraz Khan 07877725353 H19 KNY London Taxi TX4 Black HV857 6
Elmehdi Nazii 07539338866 Y802 UGO London Taxi Tx1 Blue HV862 6
Malik Hussain 07884056616 SD05 DNJ Peugeot Expert Silver HV868 7
Sawraj Atwal 07881528620 LG10 LLR Mercedes Vito White HV875 6
Saeed Ahmed 07747732800 RF08 JYP Fiat Doblo Red HV876 4
Basharat Mehmood 07928 895576 SJ56 LXC Peugeot Expert Black HV877 7
Hamed Ali 07877020451 SJ57 LLA Peugeot Expert Blue HV885 7
Mohammed Iqbal 07719806768 KY08 FVG Fiat Doblo White HV887 4
Mohammed Anfar 07838102197 NG05 OFB Fiat Doblo Black HV890 4
Mohammed Yasin 07887800631 BC05 HJG Volkswagen T-PORTER Black HV892 7
Mohammed Ansar 07838102197 NJ09 XFN Fiat Doblo Black HV893 4
Muhammed Latif 07888675176 K14 SKT Fiat Doblo Black HV894 5
Javed Iqbal 073970024343 NA09 MRV Fiat Doblo Black HV895 4
Abdul Haye Azad 07878876482 NJ09 XEZ Fiat Doblo Black HV896 4
Sajad Ayub 07867861920 SB65 MTK Volkswagen Caddy White HV897 6
Imran Tariq 07979508110 SJ56 LZD Peugeot Expert Black HV898 7
Mohammed Jafri 07956512336 SJ56 LSZ Peugeot Expert Silver HV899 7
Azeem Abbas 07445447277 YY56 MHL Fiat Doblo Grey HV900 4
Satnam Singh 07572435129 DE09 XPZ Mercedes Vito White HV903 8
Sajid Mahmood 07877702957 SF09 OXG Peugeot Expert White HV904 7
Rab Nawaz 07918681236 NA59 ZRE Fiat Scudo White HV906 7
Ameer Alam 07577820796 SF10 HUY Peugeot Partner White HV908 4
Sultan Jaffri 07956241254 SF10 BVJ Peugeot Expert White HV910 7
Muhammed Ashraf 07540152559 LC10 ZGS Mercedes Vito White HV911 7
Hasnain Haider 07737628527 SF10 BNB Peugeot Expert White HV912 7
Mohamed Aloui 07827774846 SF60 AWR Peugeot G9 White HV913 7
Tayub Khan 07825302428 SF12 OGY Peugeot Partner White HV914 4
Sohail Ali 07867904397 SF59 JRV Peugeot Expert White HV915 7
Dil Pazir 07918681236 D11 LXX Peugeot Expert White HV916 7
Javed Durrani 07465807887 SF10 HBX Peugeot Partner White HV918 4
Mahmood Ali 07900320088 SF10 AXD Peugeot Expert White HV919 7
Mohammed Naeem 07403714099 SF59 BPY Peugeot E7 White HV920 7
Muhammad Arfan 07578708524 XEZ 9740 Peugeot Expert White HV921 7
Mohammed Abbas 07825912257 SF59 EHX Fiat Scudo White HV922 7
Mujeeb Alam 07841396378 SF10 LFG Peugeot Expert White HV923 7
Parvez Akhtar 07884120342 SF59 HXU Peugeot Expert White HV924 7
Abid Hussain 0783290880 SF10 BFY Peugeot Expert White HV925 7
Mohamed Rilshard 07984192421 SF10 AYS Peugeot Expert White HV926 7
Ahsin Asghar 07917897707 CU59 OPJ Mercedes Vito White HV927 7
Mohammed Arif 07428155525 SF60 BCO Peugeot Partner White HV928 4
Tibor Till 07810216894 BJ59 PFG London Taxi TX4 White HV929 6
Syed Haroon Bukhari 07886672204 SF10 BNX Peugeot Expert White HV930 7
Malik Sajjad 07576769544 SJ62 ENY Peugeot Premier White HV932 4
Mohammed Ajaib 07828794167 SF11 NJY Peugeot Partner White HV933 4
Munear Shabbir 07947883280 SF10 HDA Peugeot Expert White HV934 7
Muhammed Shahzad 07595872896 SF11 AKP Peugeot Partner White HV935 4
Arshad Mahmood 07828639472 AC51 JAT Fiat Scudo White HV937 7
Jilali Afailal 07958754500 PL10 DYM Mercedes Vito White HV939 8
Imtiaz Hussain 07730593074 SF11 GUD Peugeot Expert White HV940 7
Zahid Ali 07380534682 SF59 OYR Fiat Doblo White HV941 4
Sukhbir Vaid 07412508090 SJ10 VSD Mercedes Vito White HV943 7
Ajaz Akhtar 07456558069 SF10 LBN Peugeot Partner White HV944 4
Summander Khan 07737655506 RX60 LFA Peugeot Expert White HV945 7
Manoj Khatri 07401888091 SF10 HGL Peugeot Partner White HV946 4
Muhammad Azhar 07955093249 SF61 GZA Peugeot Partner White HV948 4
Saeed Bashir 07846926206 SF60 HYV Peugeot Premier White HV949 4
Tanveer Hussain 070403551616 SF10 LKD Peugeot Partner White HV950 4
Mohammed Jafri 07833458177 SF10 LNU Peugeot Partner White HV951 4
Answar Asfar 07884495067 LC10 AUN Mercedes Vito White HV952 7
Kaiser Islam 07564301846 SF13 GCO Peugeot Premier White HV953 4
Gafarat Hussain 07868744694 SF10 LFW Peugeot Expert White HV956 7
Kamran Bashir 07588829892 SF60 BSV Peugeot Partner White HV957 4
Jilali Afailal 07958754500 LL13 XEU London Taxi TX4 White HV958 6
Attiq Ur Rehman 07877441206 SF10 LWH Peugeot Partner White HV959 4
Naseer Ahmed 07460302122 SF60 LDK Peugeot Partner White HV960 4
Mohammed Jafri 07983598783 SF60 JGZ Peugeot Partner White HV961 4
Khan Aurang Zaib 07889103930 PK60 GYX Citroen Berlingo White HV962 4
Sajid Baig 07766012371 LG12 PYJ Mercedes Vito Silver HV964 6
Sajjad Hussain 07401111968 SF12 LNA Peugeot Partner White HV965 4
Abid Ali 007925 899114 SF11 OCB Peugeot Expert White HV966 7
Zubair Hussain 07982103364 LC11 MUA Mercedes Vito White HV968 6
Barkat Kayani 07917422533 SF11 HSL Peugeot Partner White HV969 4
Sabir Hussain 07858070288 LC60 RZM Mercedes Vito White HV970 7
Pankaj Singh 07720375223 SF11 MWM Peugeot Expert White HV971 7
Zahid Malik 07402569556 SD63 EOW Peugeot Premier White HV972 4
Morad Nadi El Mediouni 07894879792 SF60 KVS Peugeot Partner White HV974 4
Mohammed Ayub 07944607201 SF11 AOG Peugeot Partner White HV975 4
Hafiz Ali 07447946372 SF61 EVV Peugeot Partner White HV976 4
Andras Tapaszto 07411412088 SF14 DXJ Peugeot Premier White HV977 4
Tanveer Munir 07928963680 PO61 YCT Citroen Berlingo White HV978 4
Manjinder Singh 07796284643 SF61 KGZ Peugeot Horizon White HV980 4
Barkat Ali 007828652736 SF12 AJV Peugeot Premier White HV982 4
Gurpreet Singh 07872607839 YN12 FXH Citroen Berlingo White HV983 4
Norbert Csaszar 07429869234 SF15 DFC Peugeot Premier White HV984 4
Malik Faqraz 07383987411 SF15 EFY Peugeot Partner White HV985 4
Zaheer Ahmed 07846937344 SD63 DPX Peugeot E7 White HV986 7
Manoj Khatri 078777448812 SF13 WZW Peugeot Partner White HV987 4
Kamran Hussain 07464941786 CK63 UNR Mercedes Vito White HV990 8
Abdul Sattat 07419728455 RK64 HKE Volkswagen Caddy White HV991 6
Rizwan Hussain 07464603786 SC63 YBY Peugeot Partner White HV992 4
Syed Hamdani 07887533055 SF14 BJU Peugeot Premier White HV994 4
Shaukat Kiani 07900497529 CA11 SKT Volkswagen Caddy White HV995 6
Fayyaz Hussain 07768860694 SF16 FPO Peugeot Horizon White HV996 4
Frances Murray 07951109815 SD17 OGF Peugeot Premier White HV997 4
Zahir Hussain 07933171628 SF15 EXJ Peugeot Premier White HV998 4
Shahid Ali 07780527155 SB66 HWN Mercedes Vito White HV999 8


Licensing : Contact details

For further information, please contact us by:

Licensing Section - Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead
Town Hall, St Ives Road
Maidenhead SL6 1RF