Hackney carriage (Taxi) and private hire licences

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The Royal Borough is responsible for the licensing of Hackney Carriage (Taxis), Private Hire Drivers and Private Hire Operators who wish to operate within the Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.

As a new applicant please contact the customer contact centre on 01628 683840 for an application pack to be sent to you. Before a driver licence can be issued checks will be carried out to determine if you are a 'fit and proper person' to be issued with a licence.

Notice - amended rules on the right to work in the UK

The rules on the right to work in the UK have changed.  All applicants for hackney carriage, private hire or combined badges must provide proof of the right to work in the UK when applying for a licence. This can be done by providing a valid UK passport, the correct Irish or Channel Islands documentation, or, for other passport holders,
i)  a passport endorsement or 
ii) an Immigration Status Document issued by the Home Office 
showing that the holder is exempt from immigration control, is allowed to stay indefinitely in the UK, has the right of abode in the UK, or has no time limit on their stay in the UK, or
iii) other documentation included in the government’s “Employers' right to work checklist”  which can be found at the “Foreign nationals working in the UK” section on www.gov.uk  In this case, licenses will only be issued for the length of time until the applicant’s permission to be in the UK expires.

  • Hackney carriage and private hire licence application forms
  • Hackney driver and vehicle carriage conditions
  • Private hire driver and vehicle conditions

All new applicants applying for either a Private Hire Driver, Hackney Carriage or Combined Driver licence must contact one of the following providers and book a Practical Driving Test. 

Applicants who are applying for either a Hackney Carriage or Combined Driver Licence will need to book their test with Green Penny as they provide the Wheelchair Assessment required for Hackney Vehicles.

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Report an accident

Please use the form below to report an accident with a Taxi.

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