How to be a good neighbour in times of need

  • Everyone has an opportunity to get involved and help their neighbours through COVID-19.
  • Below is a quick and simple 6-point guide to supporting people if they are self-isolating or vulnerable.

I want to help what do I do?

  1. Found in-need neighbours?
    They may be: Elderly or unwell, isolated and vulnerable, have no support around them, need essential shopping.
  2. Gather group of helpers
    They may be: Family, friends, neighbours, other local volunteers by messaging, calling or posting a note.
  3. Let local leaders know
    They may be: Local councillors, community leaders, faith-group leaders, business leaders, by messaging, calling or social media.
  4. Help neighbours in-need
    By: Making contact via post or phone with neighbours (avoid if possible physical contact), dropping-off basic shopping, contacting medical or local services if needed, regular check-ins. 
  5. Share good stories
    By: Telling your local leader what you’ve done, using social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.) 
  6. Encourage friends to do same
    By: Contacting friends, family, neighbours and local volunteers to do the same 

Do’s and don’ts

  • Do: keep safe, respect others, listen, act responsibly, follow government updates.
  • Don’t: have physical contact with others, go into other people’s homes, share people’s names and addresses, ask for or receive people’s bank cards or PIN.

Community action is a really good thing, but if you see this is being misused or you suspect a crime is being committed locally, please contact the Police