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You can recycle all plastic food trays such as biscuit, meat and vegetable trays. However, any plastic film including the cover on meat and fish trays cannot be recycled.

Please remember we cannot recycle plastic carrier bags.

We also recommend your pots, tubs, trays, bottles and jars are cleaned to remove any excess food waste.

Mixed glass Metals Plastics Paper and card
Yes please Yes please Yes please Yes please
All glass and jars All aluminium and steel food drinks cans Plastic bottles Newspapers
No thanks Aerosols Shampoo bottles Magazines
Mirrors No thanks All plastic food trays Office paper
Sheet Glass Foil Yoghurt pots Directories
Drinking glasses Paint tins Margarine tubs Cereal packets
Pyrex Oil cans Ice cream tubs Envelopes
Light bulbs Fruit Punnets Junk mail and cards
Detergent bottles Catalogues
No thanks Cardboard egg boxes
Plastic bags Brochures
Plastic film Drink cartons

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Published: Mon, 26 Jan 2015 11:57:16
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