Clinical Collections

The Council is able to provide a free collection of clinical waste to all private domestic properties within the Borough.

The Council's waste collection contractor will call each week to pick up your waste in specially provided sacks. It is necessary that these are left outside your front door or in an agreed place by 0700 on the collection day.

A new supply of sacks will be provided each week along with plastic ties with which to secure the sack. To ensure the safe handling, transport and disposal of clinical waste, it is not possible to remove sacks unless they are sealed.

Please only use the special yellow sacks for clinical waste such as dressings, incontinence pads and infected waste. Do not place clinical waste into domestic wheeled bins or any other coloured sacks.

To arrange a collection ask your health authority (doctor or district nurse) to contact the Waste Management Unit.

Needles and syringes should be returned to your health authority for safe disposal. Alternatively certain chemists operate a needle exchange scheme.

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