Civic Amenity Site

Civic Amenity Sites and/or Household Waste and Recycling Centres are sites provided by the Council for residents to dispose of household wastes.

The Royal Borough's site is located off Stafferton Way in Maidenhead (SL6 1AY).

The site is for the disposal of household waste only, and will not accept commercial or trade waste. It is illegal to deposit trade waste at the Civic Amenity Site and trade vehicles will be refused entry.

To prevent the abuse of the site by trade vehicles a height restriction barrier operates at 2.1m or 6'9''.

In addition, there are restrictions on the size of the vehicles that may be permitted to use the site. Vans and larger trailers are unable to manoeuvre safely on site and block access for other users.

Opening hours of the Maidenhead site are :

0800 to 2000 between April and September (inclusive)
0800 to 1630 between October and March (inclusive)

The site is open seven days a week and only closes on Christmas day, Boxing Day and New Years' Day.

The site also offers a number of facilities for the separation of materials in order that they can be recycled or specially treated

Recycling Centre

  • Newspaper and Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Cans and Plastics
  • Textiles and Shoes
  • Garden Green Waste - all green waste is composted
  • Wood

Civic Amenity Site

  • Scrap Metal
  • Motor Oil
  • Car Batteries
  • Gas Cylinders
  • Chemicals and Paints
  • Hard Bonded Asbestos (all material must be double wrapped or double bagged and is limited to no more than three sheets (e.g. 2m x 1m) or sacks of cement bonded asbestos).

    When handling and disposing of cement bonded asbestos always
    • Dampen material before handling
    • Wear a face mask
    • Do not break up whole sheets
    • Ensure all material is double wrapped in a suitable polythene (1000 gauge - or triple wrapped in refuse sacks)
    • Ensure sacks and wrappings are sealed using tape (e.g. parcel tape) before transportng or depositing
    • Don't overfill bags and beware of sharp edges that may pierce a plastic wrapping
    • Use tape to pick up smaller pieces and dust.
    • For further advice visit the Health and Safety Executive website (

Please note that demolition and construction waste such as soil and rubble and DIY materials are classified as industrial waste, not household waste, irrespective of their point of origin.

The Council will accept a small of amount of this type of waste from residents carrying out their own home improvements.

The site will accept the equivalent of one car boot load (6 sacks) of this type of waste per trip. Only one trip per month is permitted.

Please remember the first disposal route for rubble and landscaping waste is via a privately hired skip. Alternatively this material must be taken to a facility which accepts commercial waste where it can be weighed and charged for accordingly.

This sites are for the use of residents of The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead only. For this reason you may be asked by site staff to prove that you live within the area. This can easily be done with a driving license, advantage card, utility bill etc.

Arrangements have been made with Slough Borough Council and Surrey County Council for residents to use their sites (where this is more convenient) at White Hart Road in Chalvey, Slough (SL1 2SF) and Swift Lane, Bagshot (GU19 5NJ).

The site provided in Bagshot is only available to residents from the Ascot area or with an SL5 postcode.

These sites are provided by other authorities and rules and regulations for using these sites may differ from those above.

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