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Nappies -
Disposable nappies account for 4% of all household rubbish. This means that close to 8 million nappies are put into bins within Windsor and Maidenhead each year. This adds up to over 1,600 tonnes of waste and costs over £65,000 to dispose of.

Each nappy that goes to landfill can take up to 500 years to biodegrade and the Royal Borough is keen to increase the awareness about the use of cloth nappies to help reduce the amount of waste being sent to scarce landfill sites.

What are Real Nappies?
Real Nappies are made of cloth and are reused. There are many different designs on the market and they are made of natural materials and do not use harnful chemicals. Layers of cloth create absorbency and an outer cover is added to prevent any leaks. Once soiled a liner is removed and flushed down the loo before the nappy is washed on a normal 60 degree cycle before being used again.

Why should I use Cloth Nappies?
-Cloth nappies as an alternative to disposables help reduce the amount of rubbish that is sent to landfill
-Modern cloth nappies are shaped, fitted and self fastening, making them easy to use
-By reusing the nappies rather than constantly buying disposables you could save as much as £500

To find out more about Real Nappies contact Bebeco Real Nappy Advisory Service. Covering the Windsor and Maidenhead area, Bebeco is a local organisation working alongside RBWM to increase the awareness of reuseable nappies. A local consultant will provide a no obligation, free advisory service to guide you through the types of nappies available.

Local Bebeco Cloth Nappy Consultant
Rayne Vezir
07940 384 582

Alternatively, Real Nappy Adventures is based in Bracknell and extends to the Ascot area.

Other sources of information include:

Real Nappy Helpline 0845 850 0606

Womens Environmental Network

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