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Pools Timetable (WLC)

Customer Notices

Windsor Leisure Centre 01753 778577

General sessions start at 10am Monday to Friday

Monday to Friday the slides open at 4pm. Slides close 30 minutes before the end of the general session

This information is also available on a leaflet to download in PDF format.


Adult Quiet Swim General Session -
Leisure and Fitness Pools*
Ante/Post Natal Lunchtime Lengths
AquaBabies Over 21s night
Aquafit School Use and Lessons*
Daybreakers Swimming Club
Private Hire Function Rooms
Pools Timetable (pdf)


  • Windsor Leisure Centre operates holiday programmes according to the Royal Borough Schools timetables
  • During busy times your session may be restricted to 1½ to 2 hours
  • Last swim tickets are sold 20 minutes before the end of the session
  • During Term Time, Monday to Friday the slides open at 4pm. Holiday times the slides open Monday to Friday at 10am
  • All under 3s must wear swim nappies - available for purchase at main reception.

Adult Quiet Swim

Quiet pool time without children.

Day Leisure Pool Fitness Pool
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 9am-10am n/a
Sunday n/a 9am-11am

Ante/Post Natal

For both swimmers and non-swimmers preparing for childbirth, using gentle and toning exercises, or alternatively to improve mobility and muscle tone after birth.


Leisure Pool Fitness Pool
Monday 8.30pm-9.30pm n/a
Friday n/a 9.30am-10.30am


This is a specific session for parents with 2 children under 4. Restricted to the shallow water. Term Time only. No waves during this session

Day Leisure Pool
Tuesday & Thursday 10am-11am


Aquafit is a programme of exercise in the water, designed to improve your general health, fitness and well-being. In the water the body is only 10% of its land weight, therefore making it easier to improve suppleness, strength and stamina. Aquafit exercises support the joints, relieving stress and increasing mobility.

Day Leisure Pool
Monday 7.30pm-8.30pm
Tuesday 9am-10am
Wednesday 6.15pm-7.15pm


Early morning swim available in the Fitness pool & Leisure Pool.

Day Leisure Pool Fitness Pool
Monday 7.30am-9am 7am-9am
Tuesday 7.30am-9am 6.30am-9am
Wednesday 7.30am-9am 7am-9am
Thursday 7.30am-9am 6.30am-9am
Friday 7.30am-9am 7am-9am

General Session

* - open to all ages and abilities

Day Leisure Pool Fitness Pool
Monday 10am-7.30pm

9am-12.15pm, 1.45pm-4pm,

Tuesday 10am-9pm

9am-12.15pm, 1.45pm-5.30pm

Wednesday 10am-6.15pm
9am-12.15pm, 1.45pm-3.45pm
Thursday 10am-9pm 9am-5.30pm
Friday 10am-9pm 9am-12.15pm, 1.45pm-7pm
Saturday 10am-6pm 12noon-5.30pm
Sunday 9am-6pm 11am-6pm

Lunchtime Lengths

Day Fitness Pool
Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Friday

Over 21s Night

Day Leisure Pool Fitness Pool
Wednesday - 6.15pm-10pm

School Use & Lessons*

Day Fitness Pool
Monday 8.45am-12.15pm
Tuesday 8.45am-12.15pm
Wednesday 8.45am-12.15pm
Thursday 9am-5.30pm
Friday 8.45am-12.15pm, 3.45pm-5.45pm

Swimming Club

- (no lanes available)

Day Fitness Pool
Monday 3.15pm-7.45pm
Thursday 5.30pm-10pm
Friday 6pm-9pm
Saturday 6.30am-12noon
Sunday 6pm-8pm

Private Hire Function rooms also available

Day Leisure Pool Fitness Pool
Saturday 6.30pm-8.30pm 6.30pm-9pm
Sunday 6pm-9pm -

During Lessons & Schools use, short lengths of 17m are available

Parents please link to and read the safety information on the main pools page.

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