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New Parents' leisure discount scheme

New mums can now get back into pre-baby shape at a discounted rate, thanks to a special scheme introduced at Royal Borough leisure centres on Monday 1 February 2010. The First Steps scheme offers peak BodyZone membership at 50% off the regular price to new mothers for a full year. And if Dad's the one who wants to work out, the deal can be transferred to the father.

First Steps costs £25.65 a month when paying by direct debit, compared with the regular peak membership price of £51.30 a month. First Steps membership can be taken out at any time within the first year after the birth of the child and lasts for 12 months.

To join First Steps, applicants should take along bank details and the baby's birth certificate.

For the latest offers available, please contact Windsor Leisure Centre on 01753 778577.

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