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BodyZone Prices

Prices below are applicable for both Windsor Leisure Centre and its sister centre Magnet Leisure Centre (Maidenhead)

Advantage Cards are free to Borough Residents, cards which attract some benefits such as discounts on Centre entry charges are available for purchase by non-residents.

Important Notice

Prices shown in the table below are for Residents with an Advantage Card*. If you are not a resident and do not have an Advantage Card you will need to add this additional admission rate to the price.

£2.40 for Adults and £1.35 for Juniors.

Off Peak Times Monday to Friday 6.30am - 4pm only.

Inductions include a blood pressure test and a 'Welcome Workout'. Inductions run throughout the week and are free to those taking out a BodyZone membership, bookable in advance. All customers are required to attend an induction course before using our facility. However, if you are an experienced gym user and you have an induction card or membership card from another Gym, this may not always be necessary. Further information is available from Bodyzone reception.

Casual Workout Prices


Induction & Welcome Workout *£9.30
Casual Peak *£7.40
Casual Off-Peak *£6.20
Student (any time, NUS cardholders) *£3.90

Senior Citizen (Over 60s) /
Disabled (at anytime)

13-15years (unaccompanied upto 6pm Mon to Thurs & all day Fri, Sat & Sun. Accompanied aftr 6pm Mon to Thurs)


16-19 years (during term time weekdays before 6pm, weekends all day) *£3.90
16-19years (weekdays after 6pm) *£7.00

Fitness Assessment
Fitness Assessment & Programme

Fitness Assessment - Generations *£10.60
Personal Exercise Programme *£12.90
SMILE (off peak only) *£3.90

Studio Classes

Description Price
Daytime (Mon-Fri before 4pm)


Standard (Mon-Fri after 4pm and weekends) *£6.60

Senior / Student NUS card holder only
all classes


Yoga / Pilates


Membership Prices

All non-Borough Residents purchasing a gym membership are required to also purchase a Blue Advantage Card to complete the membership.

Membership Type Price
12 months Peak £585.00
3 months Peak £164.00
12 months Off Peak £452.50
3 months Off Peak £117.00
Partners 12 month Peak (lump sum) £933.00
Family - Partners including 2x14-18 year olds £998.00**
SMILE Off Peak (Over 50s) £342.00
SMILE Off Peak Partners (Over 50s) £541.00
Direct Debit Membership
Peak £53.00
Off-Peak £41.00
Partners - living at the same address £84.50
Family - Partners including 2 x 14-18 year olds


SMILE Off Peak 50-59yrs £31.00
SMILE Off Peak 60-69yrs £26.00
SMILE Off Peak 70-79yrs £23.00
SMILE Off Peak 80-89yrs £12.00
SMILE Off Peak 90+yrs Free
SMILE Partners Off Peak (Over 50s) £49.00

* Advantage Card price
** Please see Reception for rules and regulations

Pay monthly and enjoy access to all 5 Gyms in the Royal Borough. These memberships are on-going.
N.B. All non Borough residents are subject to the current annual non-advantage card fee. Direct debits are taken on or around the 4th of each month, and validate your membership for that month. A Direct Debit membership is for a minimum of three months and runs continuously until you cancel in writing (Cancellations received between the 1st and 10th of a month will cease at the end of that current month. Cancellations received from 11th to the final day of the month are subject to a further payment on 4th of the following month and membership will cease at the end of that month)

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(prices are from 1 July 2014)

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