Patching and Resurfacing Sites - Windsor and Eton

This page covers works in Castle Without, Clewer East, Clewer North, Clewer South, Eton and Castle, Eton Wick and Park wards.

Road Treatment* Working Restrictions Provisional Site Start Dates**
Addington Close, Windsor - full length PRS Closure 10-11th November
Atherton Court, Eton PRS - 14th January
Bell View, Windsor - Clewer Hill Road to St Andrews Crescent PRS - Complete ***
Bowes Lyon Close, Windsor - full length PRS - 19th November
Brudenell, Windsor - full length PRS - Complete ***
Claremont Road, Windsor - section behind church PRS Closure 3rd December
Clarence Road, Windsor - sections (Alma Road to St Leonards Road) PRS 0930-1600 Complete ***
Clewer Hill Road, Windsor - Sheepcote Road to Dedworth Road PRS 0930-1600 Complete ***
Cross Oak, Windsor - adopted section PRS Closure Complete ***
Eton Wick Road - Cotton Hall to thezebra crossing PRS 0930-1600 Complete ***
Datchet Road, Windsor - roundabout outside Town Gate PRS 0930-1600 20th January 2015
Dedworth Road, Windsor - Clewer Hill Road to Ruddlesway PRS 0930-1600 1-5th December
Dedworth Road, Windsor - Kentons Lane to Clewer Hill Road PRS 0930-1600 1-2nd December
Illingworth, Windsor - northern spur PRS - Complete ***
Lammas Court, Windsor - full length PRS - 12th January 2015
Mansell Close, Windsor - full length PRS - Complete ***
Poolmans Road, Windsor - no. 19 to no. 34 PRS Closure Complete ***
Priors Road, Windsor - junction of Poolmans Road to no. 18/20 PRS Closure Complete ***
St Andrews Close, Windsor - full length PRS - Complete ***
Sheet Street, Windsor - junction with Victoria Street PRS 0930-1600 Closure 24th November
Slough Road, Eton - Common Lane to Keates Lane PRS 0930-1600 14th January
St Albans Street, Windsor - full length PRS Closure 21st November
Stuart Way, Windsor - side spurs only (not Stuart Close) PRS Closure 19-20th November
Tinkers Lan, Windsor - full length PRS 0930-1600 18th December
Vansittart Road, Windsor - full length PRS 0930-1600 18-19th December
Washington Drive, Windsor - Wolf Lane to 35-37 (including spur) PRS - Complete ***
Woodland Avenue, Windsor - full length excluding hammer head PRS Closure Complete ***

* Please see Resurfacing FAQs for explanation of the different surface treatment types.

** Programme dates are provisional, and are dependant upon favourable weather conditions. Dates are as per programme update issued 10th November.

*** Surfacing works are all complete, however some lining and remedial works may still be outstanding on some sites.

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