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  • 22/08/2012 - Sustainably panel update us on their progress in 2011/12
  • 18/04/12 - Waving goodbye to hosepipes - wat-er we doing to stem the flow?
  • 09/11/11 - In the Autumn publication of "Around the Royal Borough", residents were updated on our plans to reduce the energy used from our street lights, and our sustainability Panel strategy.
  • 28/10/11 - Cabinet endorses the Sustainability Panel Strategy, and is keen to hear future ideas put forward by the Panel.
  • 18/10/11 - RBWM publishes its greenhouse gas emissions data, for the first time. Showing a 4.3% reduction in emissions, compared with the same time the previous year.
  • 20/10/11 - The Sustainability Panel confirms its support for conducting energy surveys on some corporate buildings, in order to understand potential energy saving
  • 08/08/11 - The Council are pleased to have appointed Vickie Cossins as the new Energy Reduction Manager. Vickie's role will be to identify where the council can make energy reductions, and work to put those projects into place.

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