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What does sustainability mean for the Royal Borough?

Sustainability means continuing to deliver our high level of service to our residents, whilst being mindful that we do so in a way that will not compromise future generations. For example:

  • Using the most efficient mode of transport
  • Keeping our energy use, and therefore our carbon dioxide emissions to a minimum
  • Being mindful of our water usage, and minimising it where at all possible

"energy reduction is no longer an option- it's a necessity. We must actively explore every avenue to find ways of using less; this is not only vital for the environment but for reducing costs and helping us to maintain low council tax for borough residents".
Cllr David Coppinger, Deputy Lead Member - Sustainability Panel, RBWM, dated September 2011.

Find out how the council is improving its own sustainability, and how we can help you to reduce your energy use:

  • Energy Efficiency in schools - what your school can do to save energy
  • Greenhouse Gas Protocol - details of our carbon emissions for the last two years
  • Carbon Reduction Commitment - the scheme introduced by local government, which levies a charge per tonne of carbon dioxide
  • Water Conservation - Information on water efficiency is available from your water company. They often have special offers on water butts and may be able to provide you with 'save-a-flush' bags for your toilet cistern.

Also See:

  • Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings
    Conservation of the Built Environment and information on Listed Buildings.
  • Energy Efficiency - Domestic
    Information about how to become energy efficient in your home. The Borough promotes a number of schemes to help you become more energy efficient.
  • Energy Monitor Loans
    Borrow a Home Energy Monitor from your local library
  • Recycling
    Summary of information about recycling in the Borough, with related links to services including the household box collection service, bring sites, green waste service and home composting.
  • Sustainability Panel
    The Panel meets every other month, to discuss current sustainability matters, and monitor the progression of the strategy.
  • Water Conservation
    Information and tips on saving water and links to local water companies.

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