The Short Term Support & Rehabilitation Service

Sometimes, after sudden illness, injury or planned surgery, people find themselves needing help to manage at home, or even having to consider going into permanent residential or nursing home care.

These will be the right choices for many, but we are able to offer a short-term service in your own home, wherever that may be e.g. a sheltered housing scheme or a residential care home, which delivers intense, daily programmes of rehabilitation and/or social care support to help you regain your independence. Equally some people in residential care may decide they are able to manage in their own home again, but need help to make the move.

Rehabilitation/social care crisis intervention aims to:

  • ensure that you can be discharged home without delay, once you no longer need 24 hour hospital care, to continue your recovery/rehabilitation rebuild your skills and confidence in doing everyday activities
  • teach you new skills to help you manage at home
  • keep you out of hospital, or permanent residential care, unless this really is the right choice for you.

Rehabilitation is about encouraging and helping you to do things for yourself. Specially trained staff work with you under the guidance of an occupational therapist or a physiotherapist. They will give you advice on how to cope with your illness or disability, or provide you with aids and equipment to help you do things more easily. You will be following a goal-driven rehabilitation programme specifically designed for you, and agreed with you, following assessment by a qualified therapist, which alters as you improve. Each person's progress is different and it is difficult to predict how long recovery will take. Once your agreed rehabilitation goals have been met, you will be discharged from the Service, possibly on to a long term service if you have ongoing social care needs. If ongoing help is needed, a Care Manager will arrange this for you.

Contact Us

Short Term Support & Rehabilitation Service
York House, Sheet Street
Windsor SL4 1DD
Telephone: 01628 683707

Alternatively if you would like us to contact you by phone or email, please complete the details in the Adult Services Contact Us/Self Referral Online Form and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

If you are already receiving services from us and would like to notify us of any change of circumstances, please complete the on-line Adult Services Change of Details Form .

Short Term Support & Rehabilitaton Service Documents

  • Infection Control Policy
  • Safeguarding Adults Policy
  • Staff Supervision Policy

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