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Adopt Berkshire

About Adopt Berkshire

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead has joined with our unitary partners to form a combined adoption service called Adopt Berkshire, which replaces our previous adoption service.

By joining forces in this way, we're able to offer better training and a better matching and placement process, staffed by dedicated professionals. This change helps us to focus on the needs of our children that require placement, as well as the needs of our adopters.

Adopt Berkshire's goal is to maximise the amount of adopters available to cover the whole range of children who are in need of permanent adoptive families.

Adopt Berkshire covers all aspects of adoption work up to the point of the child's legal adoption. After this, responsibility for support services then returns to the relevant local authority.

Adopt Berkshire is here to:

  • provide high quality adoption services for children
  • find children suitable potential adopters
  • assess relatives (sometimes referred to as step-parent adoption), friends and foster carers who would like to be considered as a potential adopter for a certain child
  • support waiting adopters in the placement of a child
  • support adopters after the placement of a child/children and work to maximise the long-term success of the placement

Who can adopt?

While we are not always able to accept applications we will give careful consideration to the qualities and experiences being offered by all of the potential adoptive applicants.

We welcome applications from:

  • single applications and couples of all ages
  • childless applicants and those who already have a child or children
  • applicants from different cultural and religious backgrounds
  • applicants who are heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered.

Once approved, adopters take on all the responsibilties and duties of parents. This is finalised through the court.

About the children

Many of the children who are looking for families are of pre-school age, and in some instances will need to be placed along with a sibling. Some of the children are from ethnic minority groups.

Some children will have physical and/or learning disabilities and need to be placed with families who are able to take on this responsibility.

The security of a loving, caring family is in itself is a major factor in helping children overcome their problems. Please see the information pack below for full information on the types of children needing placement.

Getting in touch

To find out more about the adoption process and the needs of children waiting to be adopted, please attend an information morning or evening listed in the download below.

For more information about Adopt Berkshire, please see our attachment below or you can phone us on 0118 974 6260, or send us an email at adopt.berkshire@rbwm.gov.uk

Contact Information

Adopt Berkshire
Riverdale Office, Silverdale Road
Wokingham RG6 7LR
Email : adopt.berkshire@rbwm.gov.uk
Tel : 01189746260

  • Adoption Information Pack

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