Emergency Duty Team

Out of Hours Support

Telephone: 01344 786543
Text: 07867 907 877 (for clients with hearing problems)

The emergency duty team operates between 5pm and 9am weekdays, 24 hours at weekends and Bank Holidays when the Social Services Offices are closed.

Our Emergency Duty Team provides a response to emergencies arising outside normal working hours, including providing an emergency social work service to the whole of Berkshire and to all client groups.

We are here to help with any personal or family problems that reach a crisis during the night or at weekends or bank holidays and cannot wait until the next day.

We will consider all situations where social work advice is needed immediately, but the main problems we deal with are:

  • concerns about a child outside the family
  • concerns about a person with a disability
  • difficulties with children or teenagers
  • elderly people at immediate risk
  • mental health emergencies
  • urgent family or personal problems

The phone will be answered by a qualified social worker with experience of working in crisis situations or by an emergency response officer.

If the social worker is already talking to someone on the phone, you can leave a message and they will phone you back as soon as they are free.

Please note that all calls to the Emergency Duty Team are recorded for quality assurance purposes.

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