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Safeguarding Adults from Abuse

Independence, Well being and Choice

Our Commitment to Safeguarding Adults

bannerIn 2000 'No Secrets' (Department of Health and Home Office), was published for use by all Health and Social Care organisations and the Police. It defined abuse as 'a violation of an individual's human and civil rights by any other person or persons'. 'No Secrets' was based on the premise that some groups of adults experience a higher incidence of abuse than the general population and that they are not easily able to access services to lead safer lives.

In 2005 the 'National Framework of Standards for Good Practice and Outcomes in Adult Protection Work' was published. The standards identified that 'much good work has been done to safeguard adults, but much more still remains. It is available on the on pdf on the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services website.

Since the publication of 'No Secrets' there have also been significant legal and policy changes relating to adult social and health care with a consequent refocusing of language and philosophy. In particular 'Fair Access to Care' (DH 2002) stresses 'risk to independence and well being' as the key criterion for determining eligibility for care services and replaces the concept of 'vulnerable adult' with an assessment of the risk posed by the abuse and neglect to the quality of life of the individual concerned.

The emphasis is now on empowering adults to access services of their own choosing in addition to acting to protect adults where this is necessary. The duty to provide protection to those who do not have mental capacity has become clearer (Mental Capacity Act 2005).

All people have a right to live a life that is free from violence and abuse. The experience of abuse and neglect has a significant impact on a person's health and well being.

Berkshire Adults Safeguarding PolicyBerkshire Safeguarding Adults Policy New logo

Berkshire Safeguarding Adults Policy and Good Practice Guidance Manual 2011 (replaces the previous Berkshire Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedures 2008)

This is the new Policy and Good Practice Guidance Manual launched on 15 June 2011 and at this stage not fully operational across Berkshire.

The new Berkshire wide Manual is now in a web based electronic format for easy access and updating. The new manual has been developed by all six Berkshire Authorities in conjunction with the host organisation Tri-X.

Quality Standards in Safeguarding

Strategic Principles

  • Key Standards

Safeguarding Adults

An Easy Read Guide for people with Learning Disabilities

  • Safeguarding Adults guide

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