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Community / Day Centres

Adult Services arrange access to a number of day centres for people with learning disabilities, dementia and for older people who live at home.

Our centers are available for members of our community who may find themselves less able to get out unaccompanied but still have the desire to enjoy a day out.

We provide the opportunity for people to join in with meaningful activities. We offer a valuable chance for individuals to socialise and make friends. The day centres encourage and enable people to continue to lead a largely independent life marked with dignity, choice and control.

If you would like more information and to find out whether you would be eligible for the service and the charges that may apply, please contact the Advice and Information Team or the Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities.

Boyn Grove Centre

Boyn Grove Community Resource Centre
11 Courthouse Road, Maidenhead SL6 6JE

Oakbridge Centre

Oakbridge Centre
Imperial Road, Windsor SL4 3RU

Windsor Day Centre

Windsor Day Centre
Imperial Road, Windsor S4 3RU

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