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Whats on and Where
What's On in and around Windsor, Maidenhead and Ascot. Hikes, Half Century Clubs and Exercise Classes.

SMILE Video clips

Video clips
Video clips on RBWM You Tube channel of Smile classes and an introduction to SMILE

My Care My Choice

My Care, My Choice
Helping People to Help Themselves Through Self-Directed Support.

So Much Improvement with a Little Exercise - partnership between the Council's Community Services Directorate and Berkshire East Primary Care Trust.

The SMILE programme is an exercise and activity club for you if you're over 50, 60, 70 or 80.

SMILE sessions are designed for real beginners of all ages and sizes. We play a mixed bag of easy games and simple to do exercises. Equipment and advice is available for you at all the clubs whichever you decide to come along and try. You don't need to 'join' anything - just come and pay as you play

You can enjoy SMILE memberships, SMILE sessions, Half Century Club and SMILE hikes at locations all around the Royal Borough. There is also an 'At Home Workout' book to supplement your sessions.

The sessions are closely supervised by qualified and experienced instructors, and focus on activities to improve and maintain mobility and stability. Navigate through the related links to see where and when the sessions are. The full programme of fitness classes at our Leisure Centres includes Let's Get Active classes.

SMILE Activity Levels:

 SMILE I - Simple games, Bowls, Boccia and Chair Aerobics. Ideal for all ages who want to start getting active.
SMILE II -Indoor games leading to more competitive ones, ideal for those who are already active.
SMILE III - Circuit workout and indoor sports, for those already active

Don't rush off
Stay for a tea or coffee afterwards!

If you would like to contact us please e-mail: smile@rbwm.gov.uk

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