SMILE for a healthy heart

Bodyzone Gyms are the ideal place for you if you are just starting out or you want a really good workout. There are fully qualified and experienced staff that are always on hand to help you. The SMILE membership is a special off peak gym membership for you if you're over 50 and live in the Borough. You will meet and work out with lots of others of the same age.

We give you a full induction on how the fitness equipment works and most of our members enjoy a gentle exercise programme of some walking or a gentle cycle. The good news is that the use of the Health Suite and the swimming pools are included in the price!


SMILE Membership covers off peak - before 4pm & after 9pm every day and is discounted in the following bands

  • SMILE Off peak 50-59yrs
  • SMILE Off peak 60-69yrs
  • SMILE Off peak 70-79yrs
  • SMILE Off peak 80-89yrs
  • SMILE Off peak 90+
  • SMILE Off peak Partners (over 50s)

and includes swimming, aerobics, SMILE Clubs and BodyZone gyms.

Payment are by Direct Debit. The amount collected is paid from your bank account on the 4th of each month. Cancelling is easy, you can fill in a form online or simply write in giving at least one month in advance.

If you'd rather use the gym on a casual basis you can pay as you go, we have special times the SMILE Club meet and exercise at the same time.

The SMILE Club is an ideal way to meet new friends at the BodyZone Gyms at the following times:

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