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Skate Parks in Windsor and Maidenhead

There are three skate parks in Windsor and Maidenhead provided by the Council.

Windsor Skate Park

Recreation Ground
Vansittart Road

Nearest postcode: SL4 5DL

Contact: 01753 778577

  • 4ft Quarterpipe & Flatbank
  • 5 ft & 6 ft Quarterpipes
  • 4ft Halfpipe
  • 4ft Spine, Grindbox, Driveway & Funbox
  • 2 round double copin grind bars

Skate Park Ramps at Windsor Skate Park Half Pipe at Windsor Skate Park

Maidenhead Skate Parks

Kidwells Park

Bath Road

Nearest Postcode: SL6 7DX

Contact: 01628 685331

a.k.a. The Matrix

  • 2ft Mini Spine & Quarterpipe
  • Grind box with Copin
  • Block with Copin
  • Driveway and Grind box
  • 4ft Spine
  • 4ft Quarterpipe & 5ft Flatbank & Quarterpipe
  • Set of stairs
  • 2 5ft Roll ins
  • 3ft Quarterpipe & 2ft Sub-box
  • 4ft Half pipe

Ramps at Matrix Skate Park Maidenhead Ramps, stairs and grindbox at Matrix Skate Park Maidenhead

Refurbishment of Kidwells Skate Park

Work to refurbish the skatepark is planned to start in late November. The Skatepark will be increased in size with new concrete ramps constructed including a half pipe and taco. The existing ramps will be refurbished. The new skatepark will be closed during the works and opened again in the new year. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by these works. The nearest alternative skatepark is at Desborough Park, Maidenhead SL6 2TN.

To see the drawing and site plan visit the Kidwells Park web page

Desborough Park

Accessed from The Croft, Fane Way or Desborough Crescent Maidenhead Postcode: SL6 2TN. Opened in July 2013 this new skate park in Desborough Park is of concrete construction for use by BMX, Roller Skates, Boards and Mini Scooters.

Conditions of use and monitoring

Whenever possible, Windsor and Maidenhead's Kidwells Skate Parks are monitored at the following times, they are not monitored in bad weather conditions. Skating and riding in wet weather is not a good idea and can be very dangerous.

For further information please call the Magnet Leisure Centre or Windsor Leisure Centre








Summer 3pm-8pm 3pm-8pm 3pm-8pm 3pm-8pm 3pm-8pm 10am-8pm 10am-8pm
Winter 4pm-8pm* 4pm-8pm* 4pm-8pm* 10am-dusk 10am-dusk
School Holidays 10am-dusk 10am-dusk 10am-dusk 10am-dusk 10am-dusk 10am-dusk 10am-dusk

*Vansittart Road

Please read the Skate Park Conditions of Use

Alexandra Gardens in Windsor

This skate park is operated by Extreme Motion. Opening times and charges available on 01753 830220.

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