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Streetcare Services Frequently Asked Questions

Streetcare Services are able to investigate, and remove if necessary, abandoned vehicles. These are vehicles which have been illegally dumped by their owners to avoid paying for their safe and proper disposal.

Please complete our on-line form, or contact Streetcare Services. Please also visit our Abandoned Vehicles web page for further information.

An un-licensed vehicle is not necessarily abandoned if you wish to report a vehicle that appears to be un-licensed, the details should be sent in writing or by telephoning your nearest DVLA Local Office. For further details please visit the DVLA reporting an abandoned vehicle web page. This may be done anonymously the details must include:

  • the registration mark;
  • location of the vehicle;
  • the make/model, colour;

Wherever possible, please provide the time it can be seen on the public road and the name and address of the owner. The information provided can then be used for further investigations by an Inquiry Officer who will make a formal sighting of the vehicle and complete a witness statement.

  1. A manhole cover in the road outside my property is loose and rattles and bangs every time a vehicle drives over it. Who can I contact to get this fixed?
  2. Can I report a problem with a tree?
  3. Can I report an obstruction on the highway?
  4. How do I report a problem to the highways department?
  5. How do I report problems with my drains?
  6. I want to empty my cesspool/septic tank?
  7. I want to report illegally dumped rubbish?
  8. There is a car I believe to be abandoned, how do I report it?
  9. There is a guard rail I think is unsafe, I want to inform somebody?
  10. There is a pothole/trench in the road that needs repairing but it is the weekend and the Council offices are closed who do I contact?
  11. We think there is a blockage in the main drains. How can we find out the location and lie of the drains and the intercepter drain and where the drains change direction into the main street? Also who is responsible if the change of direction is on council
  12. What is a community radio, and can I have one?
  13. Who do I report illegal posters (flyposting) to?

Contact Information:

By telephone: 01628 683804

By email: streetcare@rbwm.gov.uk

By post: Streetcare Services, RBWM, Town Hall, St Ives Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 1RF

Web Page: Streetcare Services

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