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Registered Waste Carriers - Householder Responsibility


If you employ anyone to take waste from your property, you must by law check that they are authorised to do so, including house clearance, tree cuttings and garden waste, builders or tradesmen's waste, asbestos, old vehicles/caravans, scrap metal etc.

Failure to check they are registered is a criminal offence, and carries a fine of up to £5,000 at a Magistrates Court.

Householders must now make checks:

  • Householders are now required by law to check that anyone who removes waste from their property is registered with the Environment Agency as a Waste Carrier. This includes builders, tradesmen and gardeners.

How you can check:

  • Begin by asking the person for their Waste Carrier number. (If the person is unwilling or unable to provide one, then treat with caution)
  • You may check the validity of the Waste Carrier number with the Environment Agency. They will also advise if the person should be registered. Call their Authorisation Team by calling 08708 506506 or check the Environment Agency website.

How you can help:

  • ALWAYS record the registration number of any vehicle removing waste from your home. If the waste is later found dumped illegally, they should face prosecution and not you
  • Be wary of anyone cold-calling on you asking if they can take your waste away including any of the above, or leaflets put through your door advertising these services using a mobile phone contact only, and no business address. Whilst legitimate companies may not necessarily have this information on their leaflets, it is a tactic often employed by less scrupulous companies.

For further information, contact the Streetcare Team on 01628 683804

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