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Dropped Kerbs And Crossings


If you want to construct a vehicular access (also called a 'dropped crossing') to your property across a public footway and or verge then you need permission from the Highway Authority. Classified Road (A, B or C) also require planning permission. It is against the law for a vehicle to cross the footway other than a properly constructed crossing.

Please consider the following before making any application.

  • Have you enough room to park a vehicle off road? Planning Permission may be required if you live on a category road (A, B or C)
  • How close is your property to a junction, 15m minimum
  • Street Furniture such as street lights and street name plates may need to be moved and there is likely to be an extra cost for doing this.
  • The removal of street trees or managing a road side ditch if applicable may again add costs.
  • The lowering of utility apparatus such manhole covers or cables below ground may also need to be considered.
  • A suitable drainage system should also allow rain to fall within the grounds of the property.

Further details and an application form can be found below. Please read all the conditions before submitting your application. Should your application involve three or more houses, please refer to the Heavy Duty notes and application.

Application Form for A Domestic Vehicular Crossing

Guidance Notes And Application Form For A Heavy Duty Vehicular Crossing

Guide Notes and Specifications for Vehicle Crossings - Heavy and Domestic

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