Abandoned Vehicles

The Parking Department is able to investigate, and remove if necessary, apparently abandoned vehicles. These are vehicles which have been illegally left by their owners and not been used for a period of time.

This does not include vehicles being stored or used by their owner on the public highway without displaying valid road tax. Please do not report a vehicle to us as abandoned because it is untaxed. You can and should report an untaxed vehicle online to the DVLA or write to - Enforcement Section, E89/A2, DVLA, Longview Road, SA7 0AX.

Vehicles obstructing the public highway or that are a hazard to road users should be reported to the police Tel 101 or Textphone 18000 for hard of hearing users.

To report an abandoned car a number of details will be required:

  • make and model of vehicle
  • registration
  • location
  • condition
  • whether the vehicle shows a tax disc and if so, its expiry date
  • how long the vehicle has been 'in situ'

It will also be necessary to submit your own details such as name and address and contact phone number.

To report an abandoned vehicle online, fill out the form accessed via the link at the bottom of this page. Once completed click the submit button and the details will be sent directly to the Parking Department.

Alternatively contact the Customer Service Centre on 01628 683880.

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