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Roadworks and Traffic Details


Road and Street Works

Road works are carried out by the local highway authority and their contractors to repair, maintain or replace sections of the public highway. This includes works on the footway (more commonly known as pavements).

Street works are carried out by utility companies and their contractors who have a statutory right or duty to install, inspect, maintain, repair or replace apparatus in or under the street. The Royal Borough receives thousands of requests from utility companies to dig up the road each year. These have to be carefully managed to minimise impacts on residents and other road users.

Utility companies are required to inform the Council of any street works they are planning to undertake. The length of notice required varies from one month for major works to two hours after works start for emergency works. These notices are recorded in an electronic street works register. To view details of current and planned works on roads in the Borough, go to Roadworks.org.

Sign Up to Email Alerts

If you would like to receive email alerts about road and street works for a specific area then go to Roadworks.org, click on 'Alerts and Search', then click on 'Alerts' and enter your details. You can specify the level of traffic disruption that would trigger your alerts and the frequency of emails that you would like to receive.


Queries about street works in the Royal Borough should be addressed to the utility company carrying out the work in the first instance. Contact details are displayed on a sign at the site. They are also provided for each entry on the Roadworks.org website.

For queries about road works carried out by the Council, please contact us directly on 01628 683800 or at projects@rbwm.gov.uk

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