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Convert your Civil Partnership to Marriage

The Marriage (same sex couples) Act 2013 provides for couples in Civil Partnerships to be ale to convert these to a Marriage, if they choose to.

You can book for Civil Partnership conversions. The first appointments will be available on Wednesday 10 December 2014. You will only be able to convert your Civil Partnership to Marriage, only if you registered it in England and Wales, or overseas in a consulate or armed forces base (where the Civil Partnership was registered according to the laws of England and Wales).

This process is free of charge until 9 December 2015 unless you registered your Civil Partnership after 29 March 2014.

There is no obligation to convert your Civil Partnership to Marriage and we suggest you take legal advice if you have any queries about the differences between Civil Partnership and Marriage, as we are unable to advise on this matter.

Civil Partnership

Giving notice

  • Couples must give formal Notice of their intention to register a civil partnership.
  • The Notice must be given at the register office (or other office nominated by the local authority) for the area in which the couple have lived for seven days. If the couple live in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, notice can be given at the Maidenhead register office by appointment 01628 796422.
  • From 6 April 2010 the cost, per person, of giving notice is £35.00 per person.

After notice given

  • After notice has been given there is a 15-day waiting period before the Schedule (authority for the partnership registration to take place) can be issued.
  • The Authority will last for 12 months but is restricted to the venue for which it is issued. If the Authority expires before the registration is completed or you wish to change the venue then new Notices will have to be given.
  • In cases where one of the partners is seriously ill and not expected to recover then it is possible for the 15-day waiting period may be waived, but please seek advice on this point by contacting the Register Office.

Register a civil partnership

  • In order to register a civil partnership same sex couples must be over 18 (or provide evidence of consent if aged 16 or 17), not related to each other within the prohibited degrees of relationship and free to register (ie. not in an existing marriage or civil partnership.)
  • Couples will also be able to enhance their civil partnership registration with a partnership ceremony, which can include special vows, poetry, readings, messages of celebration and music.
  • The civil partnership may be registered at the Register Office in Maidenhead or couples may be able to register at one of the many venues currently approved by the Royal Borough or other District for civil marriages. Each venue has licensed rooms, where registrations and ceremonies may take place. Details of the licensed venues in the Royal Borough.
  • If you wish to book a registration and / or ceremony in the Register Office please telephone our main booking number 01628 796422 or email:
  • If you wish to book a registration and ceremony at any of the other licensed venues then you will need to arrange this direct with the venue concerned and then check availability of a Registrar for your chosen date and time.

For ceremony costs please follow this link. Ceremony Costs

Venues for Civil Partnership

For full details of legal requirements, plese go to the website.

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