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Path Maps

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The Definitive Statement that accompanies the Definitive Map is available for download below.

Searchable maps can also be found with the Council's interactive mapping service at http://www.rbwm.gov.uk/web/maps_online.htm, alternatively please contact the Public Rights of Way team for more information.

Information about the Council's promoted routes, including downloadable leaflets, can be found at the publications page. An expanded list of publications, including those produced by other bodies, can be found on the local access forum pages.

For more information about how to read and interpret maps, please click here to download Ordnance Survey leaflets about maps and map-reading.

The Ordnance Survey mapping included within this website is provided by the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead under licence from the Ordnance Survey in order to fulfil its public function to publicise public rights of way information for the extent of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. Persons viewing this mapping should contact Ordnance Survey copyright for advice where they wish to use Ordnance Survey Mapping for personal use.

Definitive Statement to accompany the Definitive Map

Includes descriptions of every path indicated on the Definitive Map, including legal restrictions, widths and other information.

  • 2008 Definitive Statement

Map sheet 1: Area includes the far north of Hurley parish, including Hurley Lock

  • Definitive Map Sheet 1

Map sheet 2: Area includes the north of Bisham and west of Cookham parishes, including Cookham Dean, Bisham, Temple and Bisham-under-the-wood.

  • Definitive Map Sheet 2

Map sheet 3: Area includes the east of Cookham parish, including Cookham, Cookham Rise and Cock Marsh

  • Definitive Map Sheet 3

Map sheet 4: Area includes the extreme west of Hurley parish

  • Definitive Map Sheet 4

Map sheet 5: Area includes the majority of Hurley parish leading into Western edge of Bisham parish. Includes North Hurley, Hurley Bottom, Bisham, Warren Row, Ashley Hill and North of Knowl Hill.

  • Definitive Map Sheet 5

Map sheet 6: Area includes the south of Bisham and south-west of Cookham parishes and West Maidenhead. Includes Burchetts Green, Maidenhead Thicket, Pinkneys Green, Furze Platt and Highway.

  • Definitive Map Sheet 6

Map sheet 7: Area includes the east Maidenhead and south-east of Cookham parish. Includes Maidenhead Riverside and Widbrook Common.

  • Definitive Map Sheet 7

Map sheet 8: Area includes the south of Hurley and North of Waltham St. Lawrence and Shottesbrooke parishes. Includes Knowl Hill, Littlewick Green and Waltham St. Lawrence

  • Definitive Map Sheet 8

Map sheet 9: Area includes the White Waltham, Shottesbrooke and Cox Green parishes. Includes Shottesbrooke Park, White Waltham, Woodlands Park and Paley Street.

  • Definitive Map Sheet 9

Map sheet 10: Area includes the South Maidenhead and north-west of Bray parish. Includes Bray, Braywick, Holyport, Moneyrow Green, Stud Green and Fifield.

  • Definitive Map Sheet 10

Map sheet 11: Area includes the north-east of Bray and west of Eton parishes and north-west Windsor. Includes Eton Wick, Oakley Green, Dedworth and Clewer Village.

  • Definitive Map Sheet 11

Map sheet 12: Area includes the east of Eton and north-west of Datchet parishes, and north-west Windsor.

  • Definitive Map Sheet 12

Map sheet 13: Area includes the far east of Datchet and North Horton parishes. Includes the Queen Mother Reservoir.

  • Definitive Map Sheet 13

Map sheet 14: Area includes the south of Waltham St. Lawrence parish including West End and Shurlock Row.

  • Definitive Map Sheet 14

Map sheet 15: Area includes the far east of Waltham St. Lawrence, South Shottesbrooke, White Waltham and extreme south-west of Bray parishes. Includes Braywoodside.

  • Definitive Map Sheet 15

Map sheet 16: Area includes the south-central Bray parish

  • Definitive Map Sheet 16

Map sheet 17: Area includes the south-east Bray and extreme west of Old Windsor parishes. Includes Legoland and part of Windsor Great Park.

  • Definitive Map Sheet 17

Map sheet 18: Area includes Old Windsor town and part of Windsor Great Park

  • Definitive Map Sheet 18

Map sheet 19: Area includes the south of Horton and Wraysbury parishes.

  • Definitive Map Sheet 19

Map sheet 20: Area includes the far west of Sunninghill parish.

  • Definitive Map Sheet 20

Map sheet 21: Area includes the north of Sunninghill and Ascot parish, including part of Windsor Great Park and Ascot Racecourse.

  • Definitive Map Sheet 21

Map sheet 22: Area includes the far north of Sunningdale parish and part of Windsor Great Park.

  • Definitive Map Sheet 22

Map sheet 23: Area includes the far south of Wraysbury parish.

  • Definitive Map Sheet 23

Map sheet 24: Area includes the far west of Sunninghill parish.

  • Definitive Map Sheet 24

Map sheet 25: Area includes Sunningdale parish and south of Sunninghill and Ascot parish.

  • Definitive Map Sheet 25

Map sheet 26: Area includes the far east of Sunningdale parish.

  • Definitive Map Sheet 26

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