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Strategic Flood Risk Assessment


In November 2007, the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) for the Royal Borough was approved by the council's Cabinet for development control purposes and to inform the emerging Local Plan. The SFRA brings together recommendations for drainage, emergency planning and development control and sets out recommendations for the development of policy within the Borough Local Plan. The SFRA includes a series of maps which define areas of flooding according to risk and indicate the borough's historic flooding, watercourses and topography. A flood hazard map is also included which measures depth and velocity of flooding across the borough.

The council is commited to reviewing the SFRA on a regular basis in light of improved information regarding flood risk within the borough, and/or change in government policy. A review of the SFRA was undertaken in 2008 and published in 2009 triggered by the publication of revised flood zones for the River Thames and the publication of the PPS25 Practice Guide. In Februrary 2013 WSP was commissioned to carry out an update to the SFRA following updated Lower Thames Modelling and the publication of the National Planning Policy Framework and the Technical Guidance Note. The updated SFRA consists of a revised SFRA Level 1 report and an Increased Scope and Sequential Testing of Sites report, both published in January 2014. The updated SFRA supersedes the 2007 SFRA report and maps and the 2009 Revision Report.

The updated SFRA reports and maps published in January 2014 can be viewed under the supporting documents tab on the Online Consultation Portal.

For further information on this subject please contact the planning policy team.

Archived SRFA Level 1 Update (2009)

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