Planning Consultations

We believe that the views of local people should inform the decisions we take, and be at the heart of the policies we develop. From time to time we publish surveys and draft documents for public comment.

The tables below show both current consultations and those expected in the future. We will keep this table up to date, giving you notice of when we will be asking for your views. There may be provisional dates which have not been fixed for consultations.

You might also wish to register on the council's 'Planning Documents Consultation System' database (external link). This enables individuals to register to make representations on consultation documents online and view all comments which have been made. We encourage the use of this electronic system which is easy to use, will acknowledge and provide you with a copy of your comments, if required, and will enable the efficient analysis of comments received. There is a Site Tour Guide to help you through the process, but should you need any help please contact the Planning Policy Unit who will be pleased to help.

Current Consultations

Consultation Details

Neighbourhood Plans for Windsor and Central Windsor

Area and Forum designation consultation (ending 7 August 2014)

Future Consultations

Consultation Details
Borough Local Plan

Second Preferred Options Consultation (Jan-Feb 2015)

The development of policy documents is often supported by sustainability appraisal and other similar technical studies. These are primarily aimed at the three government advisory organisations for the environment - the Environment Agency, Natural England and English Heritage. Related consultations are not listed above.

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