Neighbourhood Plans

Under the new planning system through the Localism Act, local areas are able to create a Neighbourhood Plan to guide development in their area.

The Council is a vanguard authority on this project, and is helping communities prepare Neighbourhood Plans. Funding has been secured from central government for most of the Neighbourhood Plan areas. If you would like to discuss any of the neighbourhood plans contact the neighbourhood planning group directly or contact planning policy on 01628 796357 or

Consultations on current applications for neighbourhood areas and neighbourhood forums

There currently are no consultations on new applications

A "Neighbourhood Area" is the geographical area that a Neighbourhood Development Plan will cover. If your organisation wants to designate a Neighbourhood Area you will need to apply to the Local Planning Authority. In areas without a parish or town council, local people will need to decide which organisation should produce a neighbourhood plan or development order. These can be existing community or business groups or local people forming a new group. Before a community or business group can be formally designated as a Neighbourhood Forum it must apply to the Local Planning Authority for the proposed boundary of the Neighbourhood Plan area to be formally consulted upon and then designated first. An application for both a neighbourhood area and forum can be submitted and consulted on at the same time.

The consultation for the Windsor neighbourhood area and forum applications has now closed. See below for more information about the two new neighbourhood areas and forums for Windsor including maps and applications. Comments received during the consultation can be read at the bottom of the page.

Which neighbourhood plan areas have been designated?

On 21 August 2014 Cabinet approved two neighbourhood areas for Windsor. These are the Central Windsor neighbourhood area and the Windsor neighbourhood area. The Council has a total of 11 designated neighbourhood plan areas across the borough following applications from parish councils, a town council and neighbourhood forums. These areas are listed below and can be viewed on the map available to download at the bottom of the webpage. Please note that the map will be updated soon to show the recent area designations for Windsor and Central Windsor.

  • Ascot and the Sunnings (applied for jointly by Ascot & Sunninghill Parish and Sunningdale Parish Councils)
  • Bisham (applied for by Bisham Parish Council)
  • Bray (applied for by Bray Parish Council)
  • Central Windsor (applied for by the Central Windsor business neighbourhood forum)
  • Datchet (applied for by Datchet Parish Council)
  • Eton (applied for by Eton Town Council)
  • Horton and Wraysbury (applied for jointly by Horton and Wraysbury Parish Councils)
  • Hurley and the Walthams (applied for by White Waltham, Waltham St Lawrence and Hurley Parish Councils, and Shottesbrooke Parish Meeting)
  • Maidenhead and Cox Green (applied for by Cox Green Parish Council)
  • Old Windsor (applied for by Old Windsor Parish Council)
  • Windsor (applied for by the Windsor neighbourhood forum)

Which neighbourhood forums have been designated?

There are two neighbourhood forums within the Borough. These are the Central Windsor business neighbourhood forum and the Windsor neighbourhood forum which were approved at the Cabinet meeting on 21 August 2014.

Progress of neighbourhood plans

Area Progress (last updated 2/9/2014) Status
Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale

The neighbourhood plan was made part of the development plan for the area at the Council meeting on 29 April 2014.

The plan was subject to a referendum on 27 March 2014. 91% of those voting in the referendum supported the adoption of the plan by the Royal Borough.

To read the adopted plan:
For more information:




Content has been drafted and discussed for the Housing & the Built Environment and Transport & Infrastructure sections. Drafts have also been produced for Green Belt & Countryside and Economy sections. The Steering Group are therefore very close to having a first draft of all the content. There is still work to do to ensure the proposed policies are clear, but this is a big step forward.


Good progress


Bisham NP Steering Group is meeting monthly. The group is researching issues, drafting topic papers and drafting a vision. They hope to be able to consult further with residents on issues/opportunities in November 2014.


Good progress

Central Windsor

The area, forum and business designations were approved by Cabinet on 21 August 2014 together with the Windsor neighbourhood area and forum. The forum has started to hold regular meetings. The forum has a co-operation agreement in place with the Windsor forum to share information & work towards submitting draft plans at broadly the same time. A written commitment from both forums is available at the bottom of the page.


Good progress

The neighbourhood plan questionnaire has been distributed to every house in the village in March. There has been a good response rate of 10.7%. The next step is analysing the questionnaires. They have had a stand at the Village Fete.

The parish is still looking for local volunteers who would like to be involved in the preparation of the plan. If you would like to be involved contact the chairman to the council, Cllr Mrs Linda O'Flynn through the parish office on 01753 773499.


Some progress


Four drop-in sessions have been organised for the 19th and 20th September in Eton Wick and the 26th and 27th September in Eton where people can raise issues which affect them. The venues and times will be confirmed shortly.

A leaflet to all households and businesses will be distributed in early September.


Good progress
Horton & Wraysbury

Survey of local residents and businesses in September-October 2014. Evidence gathered will be used to write the plan.

Email: :

Good progress

Hurley and the Walthams

A questionnaire of all households in the ward produced an excellent response with around 600 completed surveys being returned. Results are being analysed and will be used to help put together a first draft of a neighbourhood plan for the area.


Some progress

Maidenhead and Cox Green

The group are developing their evidence base and identifying the issues and opportunities for the plan to cover and are keen to gain some more help from the public soon and will be posting updates, questions and information on their website. Visit and register your interest to make sure you are up to speed.


Some progress

Old Windsor

The group have used the comments received from the community to draft a vision and objectives for the plan. They have had a stand at local events to seek more views on this. They will soon begin work gathering further evidence for the plan and then will be ready to start drafting it. Assistance in this work will be appreciated so please get in touch if you would like to get involved.


Good progress

Windsor (excl. Central Windsor)

The area and forum were designated by Cabinet on 21 August 2014 together with the Central Windsor business neighbourhood forum. The group has continued to consult the community through a survey and topic groups have continued to work until the areas were designated. The forum is busy drafting an emerging vision and objectives for a major consultation this autumn. The forum has a co-operation agreement in place with the Central Windsor business forum to share information & work towards submitting draft plans at broadly the same time. A written commitment from the two forums is available at the bottom of the page.


Good progress

Map of designated neighbourhood areas within the Borough

Central Windsor and Windsor neighbourhood areas as designated on 21 August 2014

  • Windsor neighbourhood area

Agreement between Windsor neighbourhood forum and Central Windsor business neighbourhood forum

  • Agreement Windsor forums

Guide to neighbourhood planning and key milestones


Responses received during the consultation on the Windsor and Central Windsor neighbourhood area and forum applications

Post-consultation deadline comments Windsor applications

  • Post-consultation comments

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