Neighbourhood Plans

Under the new planning system through the Localism Act, local areas are able to create a Neighbourhood Plan to guide development in their area.

The Council is a vanguard authority on this project, and is helping communities prepare Neighbourhood Plans. Funding has been secured from central government for most of the Neighbourhood Plan areas.

Which Neighbourhood Plan areas have been designated?

The Council has designated 10 Neighbourhood Plan areas following applications from parish councils, a town council and a neighbourhood forum across the borough. These areas are listed below and can be viewed on the map available to download at the bottom of the webpage.
  • Bray (applied for by Bray Parish Council)
  • Ascot and the Sunnings (applied for jointly by Ascot & Sunninghill Parish and Sunningdale Parish Councils)
  • Datchet (applied for by Datchet Parish Council)
  • Horton and Wraysbury (applied for jointly by Horton and Wraysbury Parish Councils)
  • Old Windsor (applied for by Old Windsor Parish Council)
  • Bisham (applied for by Bisham Parish Council)
  • Hurley and the Walthams (applied for by White Waltham, Waltham St Lawrence and Hurley Parish Councils and, Shottesbrooke Parish Meeting)
  • Maidenhead and Cox Green (applied for by Cox Green Parish Council)
  • Central Windsor (applied for by Central Windsor Neighbourhood Forum)
  • Eton (applied for by Eton Town Council)

Which Neighbourhood Forums have been designated?

Central Windsor Neighbourhood Forum (applied for by Central Windsor Neighbourhood Area). The constitution can be viewed or downloaded below.

Progress of neighbourhood plans

Area Progress to Date Contact Details
Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale

The Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale Neighbourhood Plan was subject to a referendum on 27th March 2014. 91% of those voting in the referendum supported the adoption of the plan by the Royal Borough. The Plan will go to the full Council meeting of the Royal Borough on 29th April, for it to be made part of the Development Plan for the borough.

Website -

For info contact


Content has been drafted and discussed for the Housing & the Built Environment and Transport & Infrastructure sections. Drafts have also been produced for Green Belt & Countryside and Economy sections. The Steering Group are therefore very close to having a first draft of all the content. There is still work to do to ensure the proposed policies are clear, but this is a big step forward.

However in the early part of this year, the Steering Group's attention has been diverted to responding to the Borough Local Plan - Preferred Options Consultation. Please see local information at and tell the group your thoughts at

Forward dates for the Steering Group meetings are indicated on their website:

For info contact


Bisham NP Steering Group is meeting monthly, and hopes by end of March to be able to consult further with residents on issues/opportunities arising from work being done by the various groups established by the Steering Group to take forward the results of their first consultation exercise in September 2013.

For info contact:


The Neighbourhood plan questionnaire is currently being re-printed for circulation to every house in the village in February 2014, along with a consultation document for the proposed Riverside refurbishment project. There will be four collection points in the village with drop boxes for returns.

The parish is still looking for local volunteers who would like to be involved in the preparation of the plan. If you would like to be involved contact the chairman to the council, Cllr Mrs Linda O'Flynn through the parish office on 01753 773499.

External website:

For info contact: or 01753 773499.

Horton & Wraysbury

The group have been busy hold topic group meetings to discuss issues affecting Horton and Wraysbury. The group are planning to start organising further consultation events soon.

For info contact:

Hurley and the Walthams

A questionnaire of all households in the ward produced an excellent response with around 600 completed surveys being returned. Results are now being analysed and will be used to help put together a first draft of a neighbourhood plan for the area.

External website:

For info contact:

Maidenhead and Cox Green

Following a number of events, the survey questionnaires have been analysed, and further questions have been asked and answered by residents through the Group's website: As the Neighbourhood Plan is to sit alongside the Borough Local Plan, further questions and comments are to be found on the Group's website, and residents' responses will provide the evidence of consultation required by the Inspector.

Online Activity Forum has been set up to allow Topic Group members to prepare vision and widen participation

External website:

For info contact:

Old Windsor

The group have been busy conducting analysis of the comments gained from the focus groups and the questionnaire responses. They are preparing to launch further focus groups based on what has been learnt to date. The group are holding 'Shaping the future of Old Windsor' events on 22 and 23 February 2014.

External website:

For info contact:

Central Windsor

The group are holding a major consultation day on 27th February and has developed a statement of vision and objectives. The Topic Groups are now researching the evidence to develop ideas, for example supporting Windsor's heritage and improving the use of the river.

External website:

For info contact:


An application was made to have the neighbourhood area designated, and the designation has now been confirmed by RBWM.

The Town Council applied for Government grant funding and direct support, and funding of £3,402 with support from Planning Aid England was been confirmed.

An initial meeting has been held to discuss membership of a Steering Group to include local people, and the Town Council will act as the Qualifying Body for submission of any draft document and hold a budget for development of the Plan.

For info contact:

If you would like to discuss any of the above further, please contact planning policy on 01628 796357 or

Current Applications for Neighbourhood Plan Area Designation

In line with the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, in order to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan a local community has to first notify the Council of its intentions to be a designated Neighbourhood Area, state its reasons and submit a map of the proposed area.

There are currently no applications for Neighbourhood Plan area designation.

Designated Neighbourhood Plan Areas map

Guide to Neighbourhood Planning and Key Milestones

Central Windsor Neighbourhood Forum

Eton Neighbourhood Plan


Applications for Neighbourhood Plan Area designations received by the Royal Borough.

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