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Local Development Framework


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The government is moving towards the devolution of services with greater power given to councils and neighbourhoods. While details have emerged through the Localism Act, the Council has starting the new planning process at the local level, involving more discussion with local people and allowing them to have a greater say on how and where development can occur in their local area. The Council ran an initial series of workshops across the Royal Borough to help establish what residents value and what they would like to see in their local area in the future. The information gathered will feed into both the Borough Local Plan and the Neighbourhood Plans.

For details of what's happening in your area, please see the Neighbourhood Plans webpage which will be updated with more details as they emerge.

Want to know more? See our Neighbourhood Plans and Borough Local Plan frequently asked questions.

Regional Planning

The South East Plan partial revocation came into force on the 25 March 2013. The Order revokes the Regional Strategy for the South East except for policy NRM6: Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area of the South East Plan Regional Spatial Strategy for the South East of England, published in May 2009. This policy is available to download below.

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