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Borough Local Plan


The Borough Local Plan Preferred Options Consultation January 2014 is now closed.

Comments, the Plan itself and associated documents can be accessed below:

A key aspect of the consultation was to seek views on the suitability for development of 23 areas which are Green Belt and on the edge of settlements. Information on these sites can be accessed below:

Background to the Borough Local Plan

The Borough Local Plan will be used to guide decisions on planning applications and will be the starting point for preparing more detailed guidance and for neighbourhood development plans.

The Plan will set the long-term strategy for managing development and supporting infrastructure in the Borough up to 2029/30. The strategy will be implemented by decisions being taken in accordance with the policies in the Plan.

The Plan will set out what development will be required to meet the needs of the Borough, where it should take place and key areas that should be protected. Development will be guided to suitable locations by either allocating specific sites on a map or setting out criteria to show when and where some forms of development will be acceptable in principle. This includes approaches to delivering housing and where land will be provided or safeguarded for business, shopping, leisure and community uses. In terms of protection, areas will be designated on a map to show where development is inappropriate or where particular matters need to be considered (e.g. the Green Belt or the setting of the River Thames).

The Preferred Options version of the Borough Local Plan is a key step in its preparation. It sets out key opportunities and challenges facing the Borough in coming years, and the different ways in which we can respond to those. What we believe will be the best way to meet the environmental, social and economic issues facing us is set out in the proposed strategy and the set of preferred policy options.

How does this link to Neighbourhood Plans?

In addition to the council's work on the Borough Local Plan, there are also ten community groups working on the preparation of neighbourhood plans. These are community led plans which once completed will sit alongside the Borough Local Plan and guide decisions on planning applications. Whilst the process of preparing the Borough Local Plan and a neighbourhood plan are quite separate, they will no doubt consider similar issues. The Council intends to share the outcome of this consultation with neighbourhood plan groups and to ensure both plans work together. To find out more about neighbourhood planning in your area go to the Neighbourhood Plans webpage.

Archived documents and information

Considerable research has already been undertaken to support the production of the Borough Local Plan. You can see all this information on the Archived Core Strategy web page.

Planning for the Future Consultation (March 2012)

The previous consultation conducted in early 2012, sought your views on key issues that will be covered in the plan. The results from the consultation can be viewed in the 'Planning for the Future - Report of Consultation (Draft for Cabinet 26th April 2012)'.

Sites Consultation 2012

The council held a consultation on sites between November 2012 and January 2013. The results of the sites consultation and associated Cabinet Report were taken to Cabinet in March 2013. These are available to view online on the Council and Democracy webpage (Item 6 iv).

Sustainability Appraisal

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