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Maidenhead Thicket

Maidenhead Thicket ParkMaidenhead Thicket general view

Size: 61,809 sq m/ 6.1 hectares
A walk around the perimeter of this park will contribute 2,000 steps to the advised 10,000 daily steps recommended to improve fitness.

BBQ's are not permitted in any of the parks and open spaces.

Location & Access Details

Accessed from the Henley Road (A4130)




Open space managed by the Royal Borough and the National Trust. For more information about Maidenhead Thicket, please see the National Trust website.

Maidenhead Thicket, mentioned in historic documents dating back to the 17th century and the site of a prehistoric Celtic farm enclosure, contains an impressive display of wild flowers in spring.

The pond system and calcareous marsh are exceptionally rich, supporting a long list of rare and local plants including greater bladderwort, flowering rush, water violet, needle-spike rush and two very rare water peppers.

There is an impressive aquatic invertebrate fauna including scarce dragonflies such as the variable damselfly and numerous specialist flies such as soldier flies. All three species of newt occur along with an assortment of wetland birds.(Taken from National Trust notes)

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